Longest Lasting Games

The longest lasting games (most questions) on PurposeGames this month

Miniaturesby paulfunI1
Miniatures as a shape gameby paulfunI50
49 Inventionsby Mr. Geeee1
Risk Boardby tickman1
Simpsons Charactersby secondark6
Hollywood Stars 1 (actress born after 1968)by antonio-epc41
Hollywood Stars 3 (actress born before 1948)by antonio-epc2
Hollywood Stars 4 (actors born after 1960)by antonio-epc54
Hollywood Stars 2 (actress born 1948-1968)by antonio-epc52
Hollywood Stars 5 (actors born 1940-1960)by antonio-epc47
Harry Potter Spellsby Aasa58
Cartoon Duos Silhouettesby KENOR3
Legendary Pokemon Quizby DutchieGuy25
Perfumes - The Coolest Watersby Snavelaar1
Cartoon Silhouettesby Snavelaar26
The world of beerby paulfunI7
Band (or Artist) Logosby Snavelaar1
Maatine - Vegetablesby Tawnie2
X-Men: Heros and Villainsby Dal3
Wine Regions of Europeby Niklas61
Teen idols (1910 - now)by MrT1
Stephen King's Horror Showby Snavelaar1
Monopoly Propertiesby famisamis84
Characters from Destinos (episodes 1-8) (Spanish)by Peto1
Marvel Comic Book Superheroesby Dal21
I spy on...by paulfunI17
Dutch Silhouettesby Snavelaar2
DC Comic Book Superheroesby Dal5
Nederhop - Dutch hiphopby Snavelaar2
Famous Ships and Captainsby Thomsiboms3
Yesterday's Stars...by kristk4
Fruit or Vegetable?by MrT10
Academy Award for Best Actress (revised)by Niklas1
Actors Beginning with Hby Niklas1
Actors and Actresses Beginning with Aby Niklas6
Actresses Beginning with Bby Niklas5
World of Warcraft - Eastern Kingdomby Olum1
Actors Beginning with Cby Niklas3
Actors Beginning with Mby Niklas8
Actors and Actresses Beginning with Pby Niklas6