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Great Books 1by blartyfast2
10 Ancient Greek Writersby UP-AT1233
American writers 1 (born before 1910)by antonio-epc1
Great but garbled literary quotesby Grainbeer1
Who Wrote it? (14)by Milly37
Polish writers - part 9by Medellin1
Missing Animals in Booksby Rumpleteazer1
A Literary Map of Americaby Milly1
Detectives in Literatureby Milly1
British Male Writers 19th Centuryby Rumpleteazer1
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Characters / Descriptions by MstrRichards1
The Most Misspelled Word In The English Langaugeby MinnieMe12379
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoyby ollipo1
Who wrote it (quotes from novels)?by Milly1
Classic Picture Books - Part 1by lisaanne1
Creative bookends quizby Grainbeer1
John Grisham Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Agatha Christie Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Some authors I likeby paulfunI4
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verneby ollipo1
Fix the spelling!by Kaitron1012
The Best Female Characters in Literatureby tiggs1
Books Published Posthumouslyby tiggs1
Ecrivains français XXème s. 7by ollipo2
Nobel laureates in Literature 1931 - 1945 (shapes)by Medellin1
Famous Authors Antipodesby Grainbeer1
Writers: Where were they born? by Milly1
Nobel laureates in Literature 1910 - 1920 (shapes)by Medellin1
Héros de roman, destinées romanesquesby ollipo1
Who wrote it?(1)by Milly1
Great Books of Literature 1by RonaldDerGrosse2
Harry Potter Charactersby henrs2
Tintin's Booksby emili1
Who wrote these books?by Peto1
Famous Women Writers from Historyby Pannonicus3
Harry Potter Booksby Superboy1001
German-language writers (born after 1890)by antonio-epc1
French and Francophone Writers 1 (born after 1890)by antonio-epc1
Italian writers 2 (born after 1890)by antonio-epc1