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The most recently promoted (authorized) games on PurposeGames this year

Famous Johns, new version without pitfallsby paulfunI7
The Six Celtic Nationsby bennyben1214
Famous Activistsby Alcyone38
In Memoriam 2015 - Actors and Actressesby Medellin19
The 60sby Brainiest46
Fabulous 50sby Brainiest44
Fighting 40sby Brainiest32
Terrible 30sby Brainiest53
Roaring 20sby Brainiest37
Albums Madonnaby Geographonic41
The Forbes Fictional Fifteen (2010)by UP-AT12326
Famous Names: Williamby Rumpleteazer51
Connecting people againby paulfunI47
Historical Figures: Pablo Picassoby Rumpleteazer9
US Presidents Matchingby Rumpleteazer2,135
Tintin - around the worldby paulfunI48
Famous Johns in showbiz (with pitfalls)by paulfunI2,753
Historical Figures: Mao Zedongby Rumpleteazer9
Andy Warhol Portraitsby MrT43
A Face As Stone - Giant Rock Statuesby Constantia31
Dutch banknotes who's whoby Pannonicus25
Albums Bob Dylanby Geographonic14
Norwegian cliches - in Englishby Grainbeer36
United Nations, Secretary-Generalby Niklas29
'Santa Claus' actors 4/5by joc39426
You Can't Fool Meby RonaldDerGrosse38
$$How Well Do You Know Your Money?$$by lauraleighp248
Assassinsby Niklas25
Historical Figures: George Washingtonby Rumpleteazer40
Unborn Starsby fabianruiz611
Going GREENby Brainiest2,143
Duckized Famous Peopleby J onas62
Historical Figures: Leonardo Da Vinciby Rumpleteazer11
Picasso in the Animal Kingdomby tiggs549
Famous people, cats and dogsby paulfunI66
Albums Princeby Geographonic31
Lego - Famous peopleby paulfunI4,293
General Secretaries of the United Nationsby FamRom7