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East Asia Mapby mbmshistory1,170
Biomes (simple)by Geographonic50
US Rivers (lower 48 states)by Niklas102
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas29,410
Mr. White's Works of Writing Map Gameby jwhitevwc102
POI of Vienna, Austria (part 2)by ktreenbean134
Georgia Regions by walkerbm269
Bigger Than Most Countriesby slaaty37
USA - The five biggest citiesby paulfunI31
Flinstones vs. Jetsonsby emili38
Japanese Weaponsby Rip109
POI of China (part 1)by ktreenbean1343
Roman Italy Famous Roadsby Born2Run18
Mountain Ranges of Franceby antonio-epc38,170
The World in a Mirrorby johanb7627
Longest Road Tunnelsby chewymarley16
Rivers of the Mississippi Basin (long version)by antonio-epc45
Latin America more confusingby Grainbeer26
Natural landscapes of Africaby Mr. Thick415
Countries of the Worldby Doffa342,755
Mountain Ranges of Europeby Niklas2,092
The True Size of Africaby tickman49
Cities by Landmarksby David3,730
Microstates and other small Nations IIby slaaty28
Great Lakes of Africaby Niklas29
Next capital in Europeby Wentu27
Hydraby EpicWinston23
Combined Geography 15 Arcticby Rumpleteazer29
Syria Protest Sites 2011by slaaty29
United States Slide Quizby Rumpleteazer358
Country Shapes - Slide Quizby SharifProvoste201
Main rivers and lakes of Asiaby Mr. Thick1,684
World Facts Matching Game 1by Rumpleteazer109
Cities on Rivers - Europeby aliqali34
Euro Currency or Not?by makropulos155
Capitalsby JeremyT51
W. Middle East Captialsby Benjamin Gehring1,284
Bill of Rightsby Mr. Geeee79
The largest capitals in the world 31-40by lakris57
Basic Mediterranean Geographyby sequoiasuper434