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Black Holesby kennera11
Planets & Dwarf Planets (Slide Game)by tickman9
Connecting people againby paulfunI1
The largest capitals in the world 31-40by lakris1
Simpsonized Lostby J onas16
METRIC SYSTEM - the basicsby colleybiology3
American Sign Language Alphabetby sergeidave1
Airline Tailsby Hayden_0033
Book to Movie/TV adaptations (12)by Milly3
Name the Computer Programming Language by hippologyW17
Southeast State Capitalsby jeremyfreedman176
Famous Movie Duos Matchingby Avex8
Pixar Movies Matching (Updated)by Avex1
Who Wrote it? (14)by Milly2
A Literary Map of Americaby Milly1
US Presidents Matchingby Rumpleteazer5
Detectives in Literatureby Milly1
Hair and Clothing in Las Moviesby J onas42
Word Evolution: Starby El Sharif1
Midwest States and Capitalsby paramol203
Powers of twoby mojosmail20031
Amendmentsby bjc2501
Fractions and percentageby lakris4
States Without the Letter 'A'by David4
PG Lightning Game: Speed countingby Grainbeer2
British Male Writers 19th Centuryby Rumpleteazer2
How Fast Can You Type?by David15
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Characters / Descriptions by MstrRichards1
The Most Misspelled Word In The English Langaugeby MinnieMe1231
Match the fractions, percentage and decimalsby lakris1
How is Your Memory?by David17
What's your name?by paulfunI1
How to count to 12 in Finnishby paulfunI1
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoyby ollipo1
Famous Johns in showbiz (with pitfalls)by paulfunI13
The States of the USAby David2,815
U.S. & Canada - ALLby Mr. Reid3
Planets Ordered by Sizeby Dal11
Historical Periods Timelineby Dal35
Canadian Provinces Quizby Doffa1,388