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  1. David's Top 5

    In this group we only play David's top five games.

    Public — 285 members — Hosted by paulfunI, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 1 week ago

  2. USA Today

    it's fun and interactive

    Public — 5 members — Hosted by langley5, started 2 years ago

    Latest activity: 2 years ago

  3. U.S.A States, Capitols

    Anything with the USA

    Public — 22 members — Hosted by Dream_Big, started 4 years ago

    Latest activity: 3 years ago

  4. S.O.P.

    We will guard the United States from any intruders.

    Invite Only — 1 members — Hosted by Ang1, started 4 years ago

    Latest activity: 4 years ago

  5. states and caps of the U.S.A.!

    study the states and caps

    Invite Only — 1 members — Hosted by Cocoruff, started 5 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  6. the americans

    we americans can talk about our great nation

    Public — 40 members — Hosted by mattthgreat, started 7 years ago

    Latest activity: 6 years ago

  7. Encoder's Group

    Hello All! Thanks to all in my group! I'm sorry that I haven't been actively on the site lately, things have just gotten REAL busy lately.

    Public — 9 members — Hosted by EncoderDecode, started 8 years ago

    Latest activity: 8 years ago

  8. 50 States Pplz!!!!

    This group is fo people that ONLY know all the 50 state. That includes the great lakes, the capitals, and all the two-letter abbreviations!!!

    Invite Only — 1 members — Hosted by deetee16, started 8 years ago

    Latest activity: 8 years ago