Groups tagged tournaments

  1. Dal's Gaming Emporium

    Welcome everyone! This group will feature topics that are worth learning and that have an interesting theme. I will highlight my own games but
    may also include excellent games by others.

    Public — 381 members — Hosted by Dal, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 1 year ago

  2. GameFellas

    The GameFellas are a consortium of game makers: Dal, Equestenebrarum, Niklas, RonaldDerGrosse and Tickman. We feature here games we've made in the
    past, and games we've created especially for the purpose of our alliance.

    Participation in our tourneys is open to all, and we welcome you to
    our group.

    Public — 147 members — Hosted by Gamefellas, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 1 year ago

  3. Tickman's Treasures

    I will be holding frequent tourneys, most with a central theme, and most based on my games. I will also make tourneys which feature the games of my
    friends, and some that will bring attention to new (or even old) game makers that don't (in my opinion) receive the attention they deserve.

    Public — 454 members — Hosted by tickman, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 2 years ago

  4. The Fun Group

    Welcome to the Fun group, the aim of this group is to have fun!!! Play tournaments, participate in competitions and get nods. Be the champion, get
    your games in the tornament and have fun.

    Get your friends to join our group and don't let them miss out in the fun.

    Public — 340 members — Hosted by MasterA, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 3 years ago

  5. Red Cross

    This group is for all purpose games players. You can be grand master+ or newbie also you can be platinum or beginner. We help begginer creators and
    players to promote their games and find games for their. Funny tournaments will be once a week. IMPORTANT THING-you need to respect each other in this
    I have one more thing to say. You can like games in tournaments (that will be great).
    I hope you will enjoy and help others because we will help you.


    Public — 21 members — Hosted by YeYa, started 3 years ago

    Latest activity: 3 years ago

  6. Sports Maniacs

    In this group we will have lots of tournaments focused on one main topic: SPORTS.
    I hope you guys have fun.


    Public — 27 members — Hosted by thefreakster, started 6 years ago

    Latest activity: 4 years ago

  7. Geography Playground

    Just another group. You will find all my games here, as well as some tournament that will start pretty often.

    Public — 20 members — Hosted by tomybrazilian, started 5 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  8. Alcyone's favorites

    New tournament every week! This group is mainly about topics of nature, history, and art, but also other topics . Both my own games and other
    creators games, join!:)

    Public — 138 members — Hosted by Alcyone, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  9. Sab's Selections

    This group will feature games from me and other creators on various topics.

    Public — 45 members — Hosted by Sab, started 6 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  10. Beginner Game Makers

    This group is open to all but tournaments will feature games made by people who are ranked as a beginner.

    Public — 226 members — Hosted by Sab, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  11. Niklas' Games

    Here I will promote games, mostly my own, with tournaments.

    Public — 193 members — Hosted by Niklas, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 5 years ago

  12. Quality Games

    Welcome! Here will be hold tournaments with interesting and central themes. For people who like all sorts of good games! Feel free to join the

    Public — 112 members — Hosted by greatholland, started 8 years ago

    Latest activity: 6 years ago