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  1. Spanish Mena Period 2

    Test your knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. This is an invite-only group for Mrs. McCoy's Spanish students in period 2.

    Invite Only — 1 members — Hosted by emilymccoy2, started 7 years ago

    Latest activity: 7 years ago

  2. Spanish games

    Gracias! when entering, make sure you can speak basic spanish+english. talk mostly in english but join any time you want!

    Public — 24 members — Hosted by fattyninjabill, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 8 years ago

  3. Mrs S Spanish

    Write something descriptive about the purpose of the group. You can of course change this text later.

    Public — 4 members — Hosted by jul13t, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 9 years ago

  4. Beltenebros' Games

    Geography, European Union, Central Europe, Poland, Latin America, regions; Spanish, French, Polish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian,
    Czech, Hebrew; Politics

    Public — 56 members — Hosted by Beltenebros, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 9 years ago