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  1. Spanish Students

    For people learning Spanish. You can add tournaments featuring games to help you learn Spanish, have a discussion in Spanish, post helpful tips for
    learning Spanish, etc.

    Public — 7 members — Hosted by OkieDokie, started 1 year ago

    Latest activity: 12 months ago

  2. Language Arts to Language Fun

    This group is a group which will help people with there writing, spelling, typing, and more! In the chat bubble page every week I will chat an
    sentence with mistakes in them and all the people who find all of the mistakes will get on the cheer list (The cheer list is a list of users who have
    found all of the mistakes in a sentence.)!

    Public — 5 members — Hosted by Princessowl, started 1 year ago

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  3. Greek teachers

    Δάσκαλοι και μαθητές που ψάχνουν ή θέλουν να προτείνουν παιχνίδια σχετιζόμενα
    με την ύλη όλων των μαθημάτων τού Δημοτικού σχολείου μπορούν να επικοινωνούν μέσω
    αυτής της ομάδας.

    Public — 6 members — Hosted by me myself and I, started 3 years ago

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  4. Learning Greek

    Learning Greek

    Public — 6 members — Hosted by Geographonic, started 3 years ago

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  5. Spanish Basics

    Learn the basics of Spanish.

    Public — 8 members — Hosted by peanutbutter24, started 3 years ago

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  6. The Fun Group

    Welcome to the Fun group, the aim of this group is to have fun!!! Play tournaments, participate in competitions and get nods. Be the champion, get
    your games in the tornament and have fun.

    Get your friends to join our group and don't let them miss out in the fun.

    Public — 338 members — Hosted by MasterA, started 10 years ago

    Latest activity: 3 years ago

  7. Infant English

    Language, Maths, Phonics for ages 3 to 6.

    Public — 5 members — Hosted by Alison Grimes, started 7 years ago

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  8. Totally Japanese

    This group is all about learning Japanese. If you are learning Japanese come here help others learn. I don't know Japanese very well. Or really
    at all. But I'm learning and I would like to learn better. So if you want to learn or are Japanese and want to help, join the club!

    Public — 12 members — Hosted by Suvilove, started 8 years ago

    Latest activity: 8 years ago

  9. The Barangay

    To learn Tagalog step by step.

    Invite Only — 2 members — Hosted by detectivekenny, started 9 years ago

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