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  1. Soccer/Football Lovers

    We (duh) love soccer(un-american football)️⚽️

    Public — 32 members — Hosted by PrincePaladinK, started 9 months ago

    Latest activity: 6 months ago

  2. ¡¡¡WHO DAT!!!

    For Saints Fans Everywhere

    Public — 7 members — Hosted by Satchmo6124, started 10 months ago

    Latest activity: 10 months ago

  3. football bpes

    It's going to be awesome

    Invite Only — 4 members — Hosted by geniusboss, started 4 years ago

    Latest activity: 4 years ago

  4. College Football Teams

    Winner of each tournament gets 5 nods. I will participate to so try to beat me.

    Public — 18 members — Hosted by Braxton Miller, started 5 years ago

    Latest activity: 4 years ago

  5. British football

    It's group designed for fans of British Football. You'll find here some games about Premier League, Championship and remaining leagues from British

    Public — 17 members — Hosted by Jacops, started 7 years ago

    Latest activity: 6 years ago

  6. Baltimore Ravens

    Join with at least one ravens game created. pm me & i will try to make your game a tournement ASAP!
    Colts $uck - fattyninjabill
    - ask for a players on the ravens & i will randomly select one & will be the weekly group pic

    Public — 11 members — Hosted by fattyninjabill, started 9 years ago

    Latest activity: 8 years ago

  7. Redskinpride9000

    This is a group for Anderson Redskins Fans. But anyone can join. + lots of tournaments. And I mean lots

    Public — 2 members — Hosted by JacobL, started 8 years ago

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  8. Soccer/Football group

    for the real fans of the game

    Public — 10 members — Hosted by ajax1994, started 10 years ago

    Latest activity: 9 years ago

  9. Football group

    For all of you who are football fans please join my group. All are welcome.

    Public — 25 members — Hosted by Manchester United, started 9 years ago

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