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  1. Pokémon Love

    This group is all about the love of Pokémon, the tournaments will be based on anything Pokémon.

    Public — 10 members — Hosted by ღℤ𝕒𝕟𝕒~ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕟ღ, started 2 months ago

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  2. The McCall Miku

    We shall compete against each other and be kawaii! (and kowaii ;)

    Private — 2 members — Hosted by Miku610, started 5 months ago

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  3. fairytail

    Based off of the anime

    Public — 1 members — Hosted by Ravena, started 6 months ago

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  4.  Official Uchiha Clan

    The Uchiha clan (うちは一族, Uchiha Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure,[1] reputed to be the village's strongest
    because of their Sharingan and natural battle prowess.[2] After helping found Konoha decades ago, the Uchiha grew increasingly isolated from the
    village's affairs, culminating in most of their deaths during the Uchiha Clan Downfall. Few Uchiha now survive into the present day.

    Public — 4 members — Hosted by sburn, started 1 year ago

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  5.  Anime Club :3

    Do u like anime? This is the perfect group to join.

    JOIN NOW!!

    Public — 44 members — Hosted by sburn, started 2 years ago

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  6. Anamainiacs

    If you are interested in anime this group has to do with drawing it and watching it. If you are a good drawer or you like watching anime I would
    like to know everything about if you recently drew something that has to do with anime or watched anime. I will once in a while request anime's for
    you to watch and you can tell me what you thought about it once you've watched it.

    Public — 14 members — Hosted by AnimeFreak107, started 4 years ago

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  7. Anime Fans! (OTAKUS!!!!)

    We accept absolutely ANYONE, even if you don't have stars, (for your games) or a a noob, (like me) JUST LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why you should join us!~
    *We change our image everyday!~ (or try to!)
    *We have a new contest everyday!~
    *We have an elite group!~ (You can only join it if your asked to!~)
    *We accept anyone!~
    *We don't just do anime tournaments! We do every kind!~ From every PG game maker!~
    SO JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Private — 10 members — Hosted by TrueVirtue, started 6 years ago

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  8. The Awesome Ones!~

    This is a group for the more active people of P.G.(PurposeGames). There will be a new tournament EVERYDAY! To join, please become my friend and pm
    me!~ Or just write a comment on my page!~
    >_< Well? What are you waiting for!? Just join already!~

    Private — 5 members — Hosted by TrueVirtue, started 6 years ago

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  9. Anime Games <3

    Welcome to the group were any lover of Anime can have fun learning about speacial Characters!! We will be discussing which Manga or Anime's we've
    watch and see who many characters we can find. The member who gets the most high score in the Anime games made by me, AnnieSike, will resieve an ASCII
    art message on there profile each week. Have a great time being in my group!! :)

    Public — 4 members — Hosted by AnnieSike, started 7 years ago

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