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  1. Europe - Fifteen famous cyclists
  2. Highest Mountains of Africa

    Highest Mountains of Africa

    Played 73,170 times
  3. Car Logos v2

    Car Logos v2

    by Niklas
    Played 114,146 times
  4. Puzzle of Europe

    Puzzle of Europe

    Played 78,105 times
  5. Southeast State Capitals

    Southeast State Capitals

    Played 171,207 times
  6. Islands of Africa (easy)

    Islands of Africa (easy)

    Played 75,417 times
  7. Seven Hills of Rome

    Seven Hills of Rome

    by Niklas
    Played 71,953 times
  8. Longitude and Latitude

    Longitude and Latitude

    Played 514,077 times
  9. Passed the eye test?

    Passed the eye test?

    Played 72,720 times
  10. 30 Most Populous Cities of Europe

    30 Most Populous Cities of Europe

    by Doffa
    Played 111,772 times
  11. Main Mountain Ranges of Spain (medium)
  12. Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics

    by tickman
    Played 163,495 times
  13. “The Lord of the Rings” Characters
  14. Countries of the European Union (by shape)
  15. Stars of US TV-Series

    Stars of US TV-Series

    Played 41,900 times
  16. British TV: Call The Midwife
  17. Just give it your name - Inventions
  18. Soviet Leaders

    Soviet Leaders

    by Niklas
    Played 54,668 times
  19. How's Your Mental Health? A Rorschach Test
  20. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
  21. Regions of Spain

    Regions of Spain

    by jacka
    Played 269,398 times
  22. The Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire

    by tickman
    Played 84,460 times
  23. The Simpsons Characters

    The Simpsons Characters

    by Rip
    Played 178,340 times
  24. Cities of South West Asia

    Cities of South West Asia

    by Doffa
    Played 66,753 times