Games: Movies

Animated Movies
Animated Movies ECby MrT 189,126 plays 15p Image Quiz
Film Stars
Film Stars ECby CoolDudeMikey 221,429 plays 17p Image Quiz
Male Movie Stars
Male Movie Stars ECby tailyour 193,664 plays 24p Image Quiz
Movie Quotes
Movie Quotes by megahoch 80,932 plays 6p Matching Game
“The Lord of the Rings” Characters
“The Lord of the Rings” Characters ECby keyzer 194,767 plays 20p Image Quiz
Hair and Clothing in Las Movies
Hair and Clothing in Las Movies ECby Jonas 191,928 plays 10p Image Quiz
Famous Movie Duos Matching
Famous Movie Duos Matching ECby Avex 60,281 plays 25p Matching Game
Lego at the movies - Part I
Lego at the movies - Part I ECby Constantia 185,795 plays 15p Image Quiz
Movies, Characters, and Directors
Movies, Characters, and Directors ECby David 112,246 plays 15p Matching Game
Disney's Encanto Characters
Disney's Encanto Characters by hp24luver 5,428 plays 12p Image Quiz
Book to MovieTV adaptations (14)
Book to MovieTV adaptations (14) by Milly 82 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Finish The Encanto Lyrics!
Finish The Encanto Lyrics! by Luke Turner 841 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Animated Movies - Treasure Planet
Animated Movies - Treasure Planet by Milly 55 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Yoda Quotes, Top 10 These Are
Yoda Quotes, Top 10 These Are by MR. MINION 58 plays 13p Matching Game
Gandalf by Math Whiz 25 plays 22p Image Quiz
Treasure Planet Characters
Treasure Planet Characters by MR. MINION 50 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Book to MovieTV adaptations (15)
Book to MovieTV adaptations (15) by Milly 16 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Movie Studio Logos
Movie Studio Logos ECby CRAZY DAVE 5,540 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Boromir by Math Whiz 18 plays 19p Image Quiz
Legolas by Math Whiz 14 plays 17p Image Quiz
Film Connections 10
Film Connections 10 ECby Rumpleteazer 152 plays 21p Image Quiz
Frodo by Math Whiz 8 plays 21p Image Quiz
Encanto quiz
Encanto quiz by Jakaboy 137 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Star Wars Characters.
Star Wars Characters. ECby Dal 7,039 plays 38p Image Quiz
American Actors: Nicolas Cage
American Actors: Nicolas Cage by Rumpleteazer 79 plays 19p Image Quiz
Horror Movies
Horror Movies ECby King Attz 102,411 plays 12p Image Quiz
Book to MovieTV adaptations (18)
Book to MovieTV adaptations (18) by Milly 13 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Finding Nemo Characters
Finding Nemo Characters by MR. MINION 7 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Aragorn by Math Whiz 11 plays 21p Image Quiz
Star Wars Trivia
Star Wars Trivia by Rip 10,815 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Dumbledore's Army
Dumbledore's Army ECby PLV 7,216 plays 14p Image Quiz
Johnny Depp Filmography (13 Movies)
Johnny Depp Filmography (13 Movies) by smokingcat 5,057 plays 13p Image Quiz
Top Films: Twelve Monkeys
Top Films: Twelve Monkeys by Rumpleteazer 111 plays 13p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'Cinema'

Chris Pratt Movies 423
Chris Pratt Movies 42310p Matching Game
Orlando Bloom Movies 224
Orlando Bloom Movies 22410p Matching Game
Bob Hoskins Movies 153
Bob Hoskins Movies 15310p Matching Game
Cate Blanchett Movies 186
Cate Blanchett Movies 18612p Matching Game
Glenn Close, Movies 8
Glenn Close, Movies 812p Matching Game