Games: Movies - Editor's Choice

Male Movie Stars
Male Movie Stars ECby tailyour 200,517 plays 24p Image Quiz
Hair and Clothing in Las Movies
Hair and Clothing in Las Movies ECby Jonas 196,243 plays 10p Image Quiz
Famous Movie Duos Matching
Famous Movie Duos Matching ECby Avex 64,030 plays 25p Matching Game
Lego at the movies - Part I
Lego at the movies - Part I ECby Constantia 188,943 plays 15p Image Quiz
Movies, Characters, and Directors
Movies, Characters, and Directors ECby David 115,219 plays 15p Matching Game
Animated Movies
Animated Movies ECby MrT 196,268 plays 15p Image Quiz
Movie Studio Logos
Movie Studio Logos ECby CRAZY DAVE 6,297 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Disney Movies
Disney Movies ECby brina1234 10,051 plays 15p Image Quiz
Dumbledore's Army
Dumbledore's Army ECby PLV 7,421 plays 14p Image Quiz
Horror Movies
Horror Movies ECby King Attz 102,537 plays 12p Image Quiz
Simpsonized Characters
Simpsonized Characters ECby Jonas 2,336 plays 11p Image Quiz
Lego at the movies - Part II
Lego at the movies - Part II ECby Constantia 1,020 plays 14p Image Quiz
Disney Movies from 1967
Disney Movies from 1967 ECby ktreenbean13 484 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Animated Movies - Robin Hood
Animated Movies - Robin Hood ECby Milly 368 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Burt Lancaster movies 12
Burt Lancaster movies 12 ECby CRAZY DAVE 509 plays 12p Matching Game
Daniel Craig Movies 44
Daniel Craig Movies 44 ECby CRAZY DAVE 739 plays 11p Matching Game
Morgan Freeman Movies 83
Morgan Freeman Movies 83 ECby CRAZY DAVE 709 plays 12p Matching Game
Tommy Lee Jones Movies 111
Tommy Lee Jones Movies 111 ECby CRAZY DAVE 463 plays 12p Matching Game
James Stewart Movies 170
James Stewart Movies 170 ECby CRAZY DAVE 420 plays 12p Matching Game
Henry Fonda Movies 188
Henry Fonda Movies 188 ECby CRAZY DAVE 462 plays 12p Matching Game
Rita Hayworth Movies 219
Rita Hayworth Movies 219 ECby CRAZY DAVE 465 plays 10p Matching Game
Top 10 Grossing Movies 2002
Top 10 Grossing Movies 2002 ECby CRAZY DAVE 610 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Christmas Movies
Christmas Movies ECby IanB. 2,678 plays 8p Image Quiz
Top Films: Toy Story
Top Films: Toy Story ECby Rumpleteazer 577 plays 13p Image Quiz
Animated Movies - The Jungle Book
Animated Movies - The Jungle Book ECby Milly 466 plays 9p Shape Quiz
James Bond actors
James Bond actors ECby lakris 2,021 plays 24p Matching Game
Marilyn Monroe Movies 13
Marilyn Monroe Movies 13 ECby CRAZY DAVE 733 plays 12p Matching Game
Doris Day Movies 47
Doris Day Movies 47 ECby CRAZY DAVE 550 plays 12p Matching Game
John Malkovich Movies 87
John Malkovich Movies 87 ECby CRAZY DAVE 450 plays 12p Matching Game
Katharine Hepburn Movies 142
Katharine Hepburn Movies 142 ECby CRAZY DAVE 499 plays 12p Matching Game
Buster Keaton Movies 174
Buster Keaton Movies 174 ECby CRAZY DAVE 445 plays 10p Matching Game
Jane Fonda Movies 189
Jane Fonda Movies 189 ECby CRAZY DAVE 408 plays 10p Matching Game
Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies 220
Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies 220 ECby CRAZY DAVE 498 plays 10p Matching Game
Movie Quotes
Movie Quotes ECby Rip 25,132 plays 12p Image Quiz

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