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  1. Abdominal Organs and their Compartments
  2. Sistema respiratório
  3. Vet Tech Horse Hoof Anatomy Basic
  4. Vet Tech Pig Anatomy

    Vet Tech Pig Anatomy

    Played 3 times
  5. Vet Tech Sheep Basic Anatomy
  6. Vet Tech Basic Cow Anatomy
  7. Vitamin deficiency

    Vitamin deficiency

    Played 7 times
  8. Muscles of the Head and Neck
  9. Medical Abbreviations Quiz 2
  10. Anatomy of a typical cell
  11. Horse Skeletal Anatomy

    Horse Skeletal Anatomy

    Played 123 times
  12. Lateral Aspect of Sagittal Section of the Skull
  13. Finger Cross Section

    Finger Cross Section

    Played 59 times
  14. anterior view of the skull markings and bones
  15. body cavities

    body cavities

    Played 16 times
  16. Spinal tracts

    Spinal tracts

    Played 55 times
  17. Lung Volumes and Capacities
  18. X-ray Tube

    X-ray Tube

    by tufty68
    Played 48 times
  19. Anatomy of the Cavernous Sinus
  20. Vascularization of thigh

    Vascularization of thigh

    Played 27 times
  21. Side view of hand muscles
  22. Ligaments of the vertebra column
  23. Abdominal Quatrants & Organs
  24. forearm


    Played 28 times

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