Games: Medicine

Label the Heart's Parts
Label the Heart's Parts by godsman 235,021 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spinal Cord Labeling
Spinal Cord Labeling by korimroberts19 38,109 plays 12p Image Quiz
Brain Structure Identification
Brain Structure Identification by KeeneyQuest 98,051 plays 13p Image Quiz
Lower Leg Muscles
Lower Leg Muscles by ssndar87 30,289 plays 7p Image Quiz
Skeletal system
Skeletal system by taylor8 3,776 plays 28p Image Quiz
skin anatomy
skin anatomy by Roger McDougal 133,259 plays 13p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerves LABEL
Cranial Nerves LABEL by mikite 83,475 plays 20p Image Quiz
Naming the Humerus
Naming the Humerus by sarahmcnamee 126,244 plays 24p Image Quiz
Endochondral Ossification Steps
Endochondral Ossification Steps by NataliBonbon 1,088 plays 11p Image Quiz
Typical Vertebra
Typical Vertebra by mcscole 55,536 plays 8p Image Quiz
Bones in Human Foot
Bones in Human Foot by GuruLou 120,396 plays 11p Image Quiz
BODY REGIONS QUIZ by jfischer 174,260 plays 45p Image Quiz
labeling the ear
labeling the ear by nielsejo86 90,389 plays 12p Image Quiz
Arteries of the Body
Arteries of the Body by jlricha2 106,103 plays 27p Image Quiz
Bones of the Body
Bones of the Body by 424TNS 327,033 plays 19p Image Quiz
Epithelial Tissue Labeling
Epithelial Tissue Labeling by NataliBonbon 3,201 plays 8p Image Quiz
Cranial Bones & Sutures
Cranial Bones & Sutures by mzniecce 92,600 plays 17p Image Quiz
Label the Skin
Label the Skin ECby LegoA1 64,642 plays 11p Image Quiz
Name Scapula
Name Scapula by sarahmcnamee 66,419 plays 20p Image Quiz
Main Bones of the Skeleton
Main Bones of the Skeleton by Doffa 196,312 plays 36p Image Quiz
Wrist and hand bones quiz
Wrist and hand bones quiz by drew90210234 53,429 plays 16p Image Quiz
EAR ANATOMY ECby DianaTGL 137,016 plays 11p Image Quiz
functions of brain regions
functions of brain regions ECby jrussek 69,722 plays 11p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerves Identification
Cranial Nerves Identification by kyther 52,141 plays 12p Image Quiz
Radius and Ulna
Radius and Ulna by sarahmcnamee 71,822 plays 20p Image Quiz
Upper respiratory System
Upper respiratory System by barb8908 52,288 plays 17p Image Quiz
Skin Labeling-detailed
Skin Labeling-detailed by Aknight11 2,017 plays 25p Image Quiz
Carpals ECby csl2694 27,904 plays 8p Image Quiz
Humerus by sjr07d 29,735 plays 14p Image Quiz
Label the Lobes of the Brain
Label the Lobes of the Brain by HattieMae 23,279 plays 6p Image Quiz
Major Muscle Groups
Major Muscle Groups by mrcollings 54,143 plays 13p Image Quiz
Brachial Plexus
Brachial Plexus by CallieTiger 102,457 plays 36p Image Quiz
Circle of Willis Challenge
Circle of Willis Challenge by JCVUE16 132,494 plays 15p Image Quiz
Muscles of head and neck
Muscles of head and neck by Geographonic 17,833 plays 12p Image Quiz

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