Games: Literature - Editor's Choice

Who Wrote it? (14)
Who Wrote it? (14) ECby Milly 22,709 plays 10p Matching Game
Today's Male Thriller Authors
Today's Male Thriller Authors ECby sven-the-man2 3,693 plays 18p Image Quiz
Some authors I like
Some authors I like ECby paulfunI 4,381 plays 32p Image Quiz
Globe Theatre Diagram
Globe Theatre Diagram ECby AudreyR. 140 plays 13p Image Quiz
Metaphor vs Simile
Metaphor vs Simile ECby Niko Nacho 235 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
George Orwell Books
George Orwell Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 755 plays 10p Shape Quiz
English Nursery Rhymes - 1
English Nursery Rhymes - 1 ECby tiggs 305 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Who wrote it?(1)
Who wrote it?(1) ECby Milly 516 plays 9p Image Quiz
Agatha Christie Books
Agatha Christie Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 773 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Pierre Corneille vs Jean Racine
Pierre Corneille vs Jean Racine ECby ollipo 82 plays 17p Matching Game
Charles Dickens vs Victor Hugo
Charles Dickens vs Victor Hugo ECby ollipo 162 plays 18p Matching Game
Who wrote it?(4)
Who wrote it?(4) ECby Milly 237 plays 12p Image Quiz
10 Beautiful Libraries
10 Beautiful Libraries ECby Alcyone 331 plays 10p Image Quiz
John Grisham Books
John Grisham Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 539 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Great Books 1
Great Books 1 ECby blartyfast 4,611 plays 18p Image Quiz
Missing Fruits In Books
Missing Fruits In Books ECby Rumpleteazer 172 plays 15p Matching Game
Shakespeare vs Molière
Shakespeare vs Molière ECby ollipo 238 plays 18p Matching Game
The Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse ECby HillaryNixon 343 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Books and Things to Know 2
Books and Things to Know 2 ECby branditolley 551 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Missing Animals in Books
Missing Animals in Books ECby Rumpleteazer 870 plays 15p Matching Game
Asterix vs Tintin
Asterix vs Tintin ECby ollipo 143 plays 18p Matching Game
Famous Authors Antipodes
Famous Authors Antipodes ECby Grainbeer 196 plays 7p Image Quiz
Common Phobias
Common Phobias ECby Zombifier360 240 plays 10p Matching Game
English Nursery Rhymes - 2
English Nursery Rhymes - 2 ECby tiggs 357 plays 9p Shape Quiz
H.G. Wells Books
H.G. Wells Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 578 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Tintin - Some of his books
Tintin - Some of his books ECby paulfunI 938 plays 12p Image Quiz
Great Books of Literature 1
Great Books of Literature 1 ECby RonaldDerGrosse 8,885 plays 17p Image Quiz
Molière vs Shakespeare
Molière vs Shakespeare ECby ollipo 150 plays 18p Matching Game
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verne
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verne ECby ollipo 224 plays 17p Matching Game
Who wrote it?(3)
Who wrote it?(3) ECby Milly 277 plays 12p Image Quiz
Great but garbled literary quotes
Great but garbled literary quotes ECby Grainbeer 378 plays 10p Matching Game
Jackie Collins Books
Jackie Collins Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 591 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Twelve Olympians
Twelve Olympians ECby Kirkwoodc 1,024 plays 12p Matching Game
Tintin vs Asterix
Tintin vs Asterix ECby ollipo 156 plays 17p Matching Game
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoy
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoy ECby ollipo 226 plays 16p Matching Game
Creative bookends quiz
Creative bookends quiz ECby Grainbeer 277 plays 8p Shape Quiz

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Neighbors Of Sweden
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Rivers Of Sweden
Rivers Of Sweden9p Image Quiz
Södermanlands län
Södermanlands län19p Image Quiz
Viva World Cup Flags
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Värmland, Sweden
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Five questions about Sweden
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Swedish Scenery
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