Games: Literature - Editor's Choice

Who Wrote it? (14)
Who Wrote it? (14) ECby Milly 17,965 plays 10p Matching Game
Some authors I like
Some authors I like ECby paulfunI 4,072 plays 32p Image Quiz
Today's Male Thriller Authors
Today's Male Thriller Authors ECby sven-the-man2 3,390 plays 18p Image Quiz
Who wrote it?(3)
Who wrote it?(3) ECby Milly 272 plays 12p Image Quiz
Texting Abbreviations
Texting Abbreviations ECby garrett_mcmarlin 37 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Globe Theatre Diagram
Globe Theatre Diagram ECby AudreyR. 121 plays 13p Image Quiz
Who wrote it?(4)
Who wrote it?(4) ECby Milly 231 plays 12p Image Quiz
Tintin - Some of his books
Tintin - Some of his books ECby paulfunI 931 plays 12p Image Quiz
Twelve Olympians
Twelve Olympians ECby Kirkwoodc 943 plays 12p Matching Game
Great Books 1
Great Books 1 ECby blartyfast 4,588 plays 18p Image Quiz
Great Books of Literature 1
Great Books of Literature 1 ECby RonaldDerGrosse 8,860 plays 17p Image Quiz
Polish writers - part 9
Polish writers - part 9 ECby Medellin 134 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Famous Authors Antipodes
Famous Authors Antipodes ECby Grainbeer 194 plays 7p Image Quiz
Great but garbled literary quotes
Great but garbled literary quotes ECby Grainbeer 376 plays 10p Matching Game
Jackie Collins Books
Jackie Collins Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 580 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Asterix vs Tintin
Asterix vs Tintin ECby ollipo 140 plays 18p Matching Game
Greek to Roman God Names
Greek to Roman God Names ECby EbisayTarekegnsay 212 plays 20p Matching Game
Classic Picture Books - Part 1
Classic Picture Books - Part 1 ECby lisaanne 274 plays 16p Image Quiz
British Male Writers 19th Century
British Male Writers 19th Century ECby Rumpleteazer 424 plays 18p Matching Game
Jane Austen Books
Jane Austen Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 584 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Molière vs Shakespeare
Molière vs Shakespeare ECby ollipo 144 plays 18p Matching Game
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoy
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoy ECby ollipo 213 plays 16p Matching Game
Creative bookends quiz
Creative bookends quiz ECby Grainbeer 275 plays 8p Shape Quiz
George Orwell Books
George Orwell Books ECby CRAZY DAVE 738 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Great Books Part 2
Great Books Part 2 ECby RonaldDerGrosse 2,253 plays 17p Image Quiz
Tintin vs Asterix
Tintin vs Asterix ECby ollipo 153 plays 17p Matching Game
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verne
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verne ECby ollipo 218 plays 17p Matching Game
Books & Things To Know
Books & Things To Know ECby branditolley 754 plays 10p Image Quiz
English Nursery Rhymes - 1
English Nursery Rhymes - 1 ECby tiggs 287 plays 9p Shape Quiz

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