Games: Literature

Who Wrote it? (14)
Who Wrote it? (14) ECby Milly 25,581 plays 10p Matching Game
What Aunt Effie Suspected...
What Aunt Effie Suspected... by Mrs. Dorward 14 plays 5p Matching Game
Countries of Europe
Countries of Europe by DavidBednarczyk 191 plays 2p Image Quiz
Harry Potter Characters
Harry Potter Characters by henrs 9,275 plays 26p Image Quiz
Who wrote it?(1)
Who wrote it?(1) ECby Milly 551 plays 9p Image Quiz
Literary Terms List 4
Literary Terms List 4 by Kathleen Paterek 61 plays 18p Text Game
Greek & Latin Roots Quiz 41-50
Greek & Latin Roots Quiz 41-50 by shuizenga 491 plays 20p Matching Game
Keeper of the Lost Cities
Keeper of the Lost Cities by peppertaylor 625 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Famous Women Writers from History
Famous Women Writers from History by Pannonicus 5,444 plays 20p Image Quiz
Can you spell the 10 most misspelled words?
Can you spell the 10 most misspelled words? by TheAppleMan 1,152 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
YA books: Authors of the original series
YA books: Authors of the original series by Milly 3,908 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Great Writers
Great Writers by ollipo 2,730 plays 18p Text Game
Tintin vs Asterix
Tintin vs Asterix ECby ollipo 163 plays 17p Matching Game
Asterix vs Tintin
Asterix vs Tintin ECby ollipo 150 plays 18p Matching Game
Today's Male Thriller Authors
Today's Male Thriller Authors ECby sven-the-man2 3,869 plays 18p Image Quiz
Famous Serbians-writers
Famous Serbians-writers by Milly 3,575 plays 16p Image Quiz
Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose by kcreamer 35,283 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Literary Terms List #3
Literary Terms List #3 by Kathleen Paterek 59 plays 28p Text Game
Nordic writers
Nordic writers by antonio-epc 4,926 plays 21p Image Quiz
Portuguese and Brazilian Writers
Portuguese and Brazilian Writers by antonio-epc 3,748 plays 21p Image Quiz
Poetic Terms 1-8
Poetic Terms 1-8 by acundiff 119 plays 7p Matching Game
Top 20 books-17-20
Top 20 books-17-20 by Math Whiz 153 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Buttons by the_young_gun24 156 plays 1p Image Quiz
Гомер. Одиссея
Гомер. Одиссея by duboviki3001 165 plays 16p Image Quiz
Trojan War
Trojan War by marshaj 172 plays 20p Type-the-Answer
Stem words Nov 5
Stem words Nov 5 by Millermania 177 plays 14p Type-the-Answer
Curry by Spartan11 185 plays 2p Image Quiz
Man behind the mask (DC)
Man behind the mask (DC) by Milly 196 plays 15p Matching Game
Beowulf chapter 8-16 vocab
Beowulf chapter 8-16 vocab by ashleyc0306 202 plays 10p Matching Game
Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books by IAMHERETOBEATYOU 209 plays 20p Text Game
Joguinho Agatha Christie
Joguinho Agatha Christie by eneumbestseller 220 plays 10p Image Quiz
Missing Countries in Books
Missing Countries in Books by Rumpleteazer 226 plays 15p Matching Game

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