Games: Language

Spanish: Know Your Preterite vs. Imperfect
Spanish: Know Your Preterite vs. Imperfect by lalalalayay 82,866 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Telling the time in Spanish
Telling the time in Spanish by graemefx 132,842 plays 12p Image Quiz
Colours in German
Colours in German ECby Niklas 331,096 plays 11p Image Quiz
English slang
English slang ECby Aasa 201,323 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 231,931 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns
Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns by OkieDokie 6,114 plays 6p Text Game
French Numbers
French Numbers by famisamis 87,539 plays 30p Image Quiz
Ir +a+infinitive
Ir +a+infinitive by cmayville 16,860 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Prepositions (Spanish vocabulary)
Prepositions (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 64,549 plays 11p Image Quiz
Spanish ser and estar with personal adjectives
Spanish ser and estar with personal adjectives by lisawbos 3,344 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Gustar practice
Gustar practice by SenoraThomas 12,266 plays 12p Image Quiz
Spelling 100 - 1000 in Spanish
Spelling 100 - 1000 in Spanish by Taylor-Roman 18,369 plays 22p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Possessive Adjectives
Spanish Possessive Adjectives by yeclaeys 26,001 plays 15p Matching Game
Spanish Family Members Quiz
Spanish Family Members Quiz ECby mrsright0325 125,969 plays 8p Image Quiz
Direct object pronouns
Direct object pronouns by sherry_martz 5,298 plays 9p Matching Game
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary)
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary) ECby Wakarimasen 26,061 plays 24p Image Quiz
Demonstrative adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives by afulks 23,273 plays 12p Image Quiz
House - La casa (Spanish vocabulary)
House - La casa (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 159,587 plays 16p Image Quiz
Arabic Alphabet
Arabic Alphabet by kaizarsozay 103,678 plays 28p Image Quiz
Les fournitures scolaires
Les fournitures scolaires by h.strickland 1,755 plays 10p Image Quiz
Weather in Spanish
Weather in Spanish by Wakarimasen 33,937 plays 19p Image Quiz
Figurative Language Cozad
Figurative Language Cozad by Mr. Geeee 739 plays 16p Image Quiz
de nada : moana
de nada : moana by urestibe 3,239 plays 14p Matching Game
Morse Code
Morse Code by MisterSamsonite 13,723 plays 44p Image Quiz
B2, B1+. Word formation.
B2, B1+. Word formation. by teacherismael 85 plays 10p Type-the-Answer
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanish
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanish ECby dejjaidali 101,141 plays 19p Image Quiz
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Spanish Subject Pronouns by amber.jensen 201,337 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Praepositiones - VI
Praepositiones - VI by agamador 22,309 plays 10p Image Quiz
A Spanish Family
A Spanish Family by greatholland 7,637 plays 16p Image Quiz
French alphabet
French alphabet by Mathousalas 37,957 plays 26p Image Quiz
Spanish Verb- IR
Spanish Verb- IR by afulks 13,446 plays 7p Image Quiz
Body parts ( French )
Body parts ( French ) by Wakarimasen 13,348 plays 33p Image Quiz
Ser (to be) Spanish Conjugation
Ser (to be) Spanish Conjugation by Mano308gts 76,629 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Shopping
Spanish Shopping by Profesora 943 plays 17p Text Game
Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet by racaulk 17,717 plays 24p Image Quiz
Describing houses and rooms
Describing houses and rooms by Emilita147 32 plays 17p Text Game
Interrogatives ( Spanish )
Interrogatives ( Spanish ) ECby Wakarimasen 87,386 plays 19p Image Quiz
Seasons in Spanish
Seasons in Spanish by Sunny1 7,402 plays 5p Shape Quiz

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