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Chinese Part 1
Chinese Part 1 by missionette 1,716 plays 20p Image Quiz
German Opposites Revised Part 1
German Opposites Revised Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 1,717 plays 27p Image Quiz
English verbs+prepositions
English verbs+prepositions by Svetka 1,733 plays 40p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Table Setting
Spanish Table Setting by sraageneau 1,746 plays 10p Image Quiz
Things to do in FRENCH
Things to do in FRENCH by Peto 1,749 plays 16p Image Quiz
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet by Jonas­ 1,753 plays 24p Image Quiz
Episode 2, Can you spell?
Episode 2, Can you spell? by Sra. Ramos 1,753 plays 8p Type-the-Answer
Spanish question words
Spanish question words by Khann 1,758 plays 7p Image Quiz
Aedviljad (koostas A.Murd)
Aedviljad (koostas A.Murd) by aire68 1,763 plays 12p Image Quiz
Basic French Greetings Review
Basic French Greetings Review by madamegriffin101 1,782 plays 20p Matching Game
Lowercase Greek Alphabet
Lowercase Greek Alphabet by jaia 1,787 plays 24p Image Quiz
First Declension Latin nouns II
First Declension Latin nouns II by Kman 1,818 plays 10p Image Quiz
Hiragana (Japanese)
Hiragana (Japanese) by nissonic 1,820 plays 46p Image Quiz
Arabic Food: Fruit
Arabic Food: Fruit by Indie 1,822 plays 10p Image Quiz
LOS COLORES by Señorita Romero 1,838 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Nick Vujicic: Parte I
Nick Vujicic: Parte I by rdegrau 1,843 plays 8p Image Quiz
German Means of Transport
German Means of Transport by Germanjoe 1,846 plays 14p Image Quiz
Animal Adjectives
Animal Adjectives ECby Thomsiboms 1,856 plays 36p Image Quiz
German Places in Town
German Places in Town by Germanjoe 1,861 plays 8p Image Quiz
La Ropa - Clothes
La Ropa - Clothes by dmotoole 1,867 plays 21p Multiple-Choice
Spanish ser and estar with personal adjectives
Spanish ser and estar with personal adjectives by lisawbos 1,896 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Family members in German
Family members in German by Germanjoe 1,901 plays 21p Image Quiz
Prepositions by sirts77 1,908 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spanish body parts
Spanish body parts by profe 1,916 plays 12p Image Quiz
Spanish Place Settings
Spanish Place Settings by Profesora 1,922 plays 6p Image Quiz
German Daily Routine
German Daily Routine by Germanjoe 1,923 plays 14p Image Quiz
French Animals
French Animals by jmacadoo 1,939 plays 17p Image Quiz
Arabic: Derived verb forms
Arabic: Derived verb forms by Indie 1,942 plays 9p Image Quiz
Daily Routine Items in German
Daily Routine Items in German ECby mskaleelsclass 1,944 plays 8p Image Quiz
Episode 4 vocabulary words
Episode 4 vocabulary words by Sra. Ramos 1,946 plays 9p Type-the-Answer
etre - to be
etre - to be by Germanjoe 1,954 plays 9p Image Quiz
A French Family
A French Family by greatholland 1,976 plays 16p Image Quiz
Episode 3 vocabulary words
Episode 3 vocabulary words by Sra. Ramos 1,989 plays 8p Type-the-Answer
Regular AR verbs Part I
Regular AR verbs Part I by profesorajimenez 1,994 plays 30p Multiple-Choice

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6 cities of Sweden
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Sweden13p Image Quiz
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