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  1. Count to 10 in Oscan
  2. Tintin the Teacher - Swedish
  3. Irregular Plurals
  4. Villa Romana - V

    Villa Romana - V

    p12.7K plays
  5. Colors in Swedish (färgerna)
  6. Noses & Snouts in Spanish
  7. Ten Drinks in Icelandic
  8. Have you ever been to Chile?
  9. A Portuguese Family
  10. Collective Nouns 1 (Identify these animals)
  11. Latvian Clock

    Latvian Clock

    by Niklas
    p222 plays
  12. Colours in Danish

    Colours in Danish

    by Niklas
    p641 plays
  13. The Aleph, Bet - The Hebrew Alphabet
  14. The Body in Icelandic
  15. Bugs in French
  16. Ukranian Clock

    Ukranian Clock

    by Niklas
    p126 plays
  17. Albanian Clock

    Albanian Clock

    by Niklas
    p227 plays
  18. Regional Languages of the Benelux
  19. French food

    French food

    by Peto
    p2,143 plays
  20. Deutschland in Europa
  21. Days of the Week in Icelandic
  22. 15 Items of Clothing in Icelandic
  23. 10 Domestic Animals in Icelandic
  24. Days of the Week in Latin Languages

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