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Days of the week in Danish
Days of the week in Danish ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,140 plays 7p Matching Game
Japanese Numbers
Japanese Numbers ECby famisamis 28,142 plays 12p Image Quiz
Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 218,582 plays 10p Image Quiz
Colors in English
Colors in English ECby tsairi 10,640 plays 11p Image Quiz
Spanish Family Members Quiz
Spanish Family Members Quiz ECby mrsright0325 119,450 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sea animals (Spanish vocabulary)
Sea animals (Spanish vocabulary) ECby Peto 3,629 plays 14p Image Quiz
Chinese Numbers
Chinese Numbers ECby Niklas 4,929 plays 20p Image Quiz
Fruit in Spanish
Fruit in Spanish ECby Peto 2,418 plays 23p Image Quiz
Giving Directions in German
Giving Directions in German ECby Germanjoe 19,302 plays 13p Image Quiz
Bugs in French
Bugs in French ECby SharifProvoste 241 plays 15p Image Quiz
familia Simpson
familia Simpson ECby Iosephus Onubensis 2,963 plays 11p Image Quiz
Zodiac Signs (in French)
Zodiac Signs (in French) ECby Poloazer 215 plays 12p Image Quiz
Forest Animals
Forest Animals ECby Emilia Iordanova 508 plays 10p Image Quiz
Romani Chib Colours
Romani Chib Colours ECby Jonas 197 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Verbs: Conjugated or Infinitive (Spanish)
Verbs: Conjugated or Infinitive (Spanish) ECby MrsDohm 310 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Classroom Objects in Spanish
Classroom Objects in Spanish ECby showcase332 6,000 plays 14p Image Quiz
Languages of Europe
Languages of Europe ECby Doffa 4,091 plays 56p Image Quiz
French Fruits and Vegetables
French Fruits and Vegetables ECby Sabine 10,725 plays 28p Image Quiz
Chinese Colors
Chinese Colors ECby Niklas 14,445 plays 10p Image Quiz
A French House
A French House ECby Peto 10,864 plays 15p Image Quiz
Making Questions
Making Questions ECby acLiLtocLiMB 1,080 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Vocal Tract
The Vocal Tract ECby Malectra 46,670 plays 17p Image Quiz
Beasts in Latin
Beasts in Latin ECby magisterc.lcjsms 628 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Romani Chib Numbers
Romani Chib Numbers ECby Jonas 97 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Spanish Chores/House Parts
Spanish Chores/House Parts ECby LukeM50 136 plays 18p Image Quiz
Irregular verbs
Irregular verbs ECby Maria Rosel 69 plays 47p Image Quiz
Wildlife - German/English
Wildlife - German/English ECby equestenebrarum 446 plays 44p Image Quiz
Spanish Body Parts Quiz
Spanish Body Parts Quiz ECby mrsright0325 103,802 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Prepositions
German Prepositions ECby kcoutlaw 4,783 plays 30p Image Quiz
American Sign Language Alphabet
American Sign Language Alphabet ECby sergeidave 5,019 plays 26p Image Quiz
Languages in Europe
Languages in Europe ECby greatholland 3,865 plays 16p Image Quiz
Los Colores (Spanish Colors)
Los Colores (Spanish Colors) ECby cricket77 20,025 plays 11p Image Quiz
French Numbers to 30
French Numbers to 30 ECby quiche84 2,590 plays 30p Image Quiz
Animals in English
Animals in English ECby Susan123 175 plays 10p Image Quiz
4.1 Avancemos Clothes Vocab
4.1 Avancemos Clothes Vocab ECby Sra_Thomen 465 plays 32p Shape Quiz

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