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Colours in German
Colours in German ECby Niklas 286,882 plays 11p Image Quiz
Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 208,884 plays 10p Image Quiz
English slang
English slang ECby Aasa 169,000 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
The Vocal Tract
The Vocal Tract ECby Malectra 41,046 plays 17p Image Quiz
Hangul Pronunciation Keyboard
Hangul Pronunciation Keyboard ECby paxmees 6,314 plays 26p Image Quiz
German rooms in a house
German rooms in a house ECby Germanjoe 32,172 plays 7p Image Quiz
French Numbers to 30
French Numbers to 30 ECby quiche84 1,272 plays 30p Image Quiz
Korean Numbers / Counting
Korean Numbers / Counting ECby kydaviddoyle 4,637 plays 29p Image Quiz
Spanish numbers 1-50
Spanish numbers 1-50 ECby mskaleelsclass 6,143 plays 27p Image Quiz
Chinese Numbers 1-10
Chinese Numbers 1-10 ECby RHR 1,352 plays 10p Image Quiz
Interrogatives ( Spanish )
Interrogatives ( Spanish ) ECby Peto 79,335 plays 19p Image Quiz
Japanese Numbers
Japanese Numbers ECby famisamis 26,990 plays 12p Image Quiz
Hebrew Letters
Hebrew Letters ECby RazN 13,578 plays 22p Image Quiz
Daily Routine Items in German
Daily Routine Items in German ECby mskaleelsclass 1,953 plays 8p Image Quiz
Thank You
Thank You ECby famisamis 2,066 plays 30p Image Quiz
German members of the family
German members of the family ECby Germanjoe 2,120 plays 9p Image Quiz
Fruit in Spanish
Fruit in Spanish ECby Peto 2,408 plays 23p Image Quiz
The human body parts (English)
The human body parts (English) ECby Susi 2,499 plays 21p Image Quiz
Arabic. In the kitchen 2
Arabic. In the kitchen 2 ECby angelsbc 2,779 plays 12p Image Quiz
familia Simpson
familia Simpson ECby Iosephus Onubensis 2,842 plays 11p Image Quiz
English Humor - Play on Words.
English Humor - Play on Words. ECby RonaldDerGrosse 3,128 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Now and then
Now and then ECby Damjana 3,299 plays 22p Image Quiz
Sea animals (Spanish vocabulary)
Sea animals (Spanish vocabulary) ECby Peto 3,611 plays 14p Image Quiz
Los animales (Spanish vocabulary)
Los animales (Spanish vocabulary) ECby Peto 3,772 plays 31p Image Quiz
Languages in Europe
Languages in Europe ECby greatholland 3,821 plays 16p Image Quiz
ASL Numbers 1 - 10
ASL Numbers 1 - 10 ECby ktreenbean13 3,903 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Languages of Europe
Languages of Europe ECby Doffa 3,981 plays 56p Image Quiz
British V American English
British V American English ECby tickman 4,117 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Spanish body parts
Spanish body parts ECby profe 4,655 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Prepositions
German Prepositions ECby kcoutlaw 4,707 plays 30p Image Quiz
 Spanish greetings
Spanish greetings ECby amijares 4,826 plays 13p Image Quiz
Chinese Numbers
Chinese Numbers ECby Niklas 4,867 plays 20p Image Quiz
American Sign Language Alphabet
American Sign Language Alphabet ECby sergeidave 4,981 plays 26p Image Quiz
Classroom Objects in Spanish
Classroom Objects in Spanish ECby showcase332 5,117 plays 14p Image Quiz
Learn Cursive Hebrew
Learn Cursive Hebrew ECby bzwerl 5,723 plays 27p Image Quiz
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Spanish Subject Pronouns ECby dejjaidali 6,502 plays 10p Image Quiz

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The Human Skull
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