Games: Language

Colors in French
Colors in French by kathmandu 20,168 plays 11p Image Quiz
Praepositiones - VI
Praepositiones - VI by agamador 18,052 plays 10p Image Quiz
Colours in German
Colours in German ECby Niklas 290,248 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Vocal Tract
The Vocal Tract ECby Malectra 41,947 plays 17p Image Quiz
Aches by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 144 plays 6p Image Quiz
Ill by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 171 plays 9p Matching Game
English slang
English slang ECby Aasa 170,915 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Med ECby IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 152 plays 7p Image Quiz
Vocabulary by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 127 plays 7p Matching Game
the letter Ee
the letter Ee by Najma Al Shehhi 172 plays 7p Image Quiz
Vcc by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 132 plays 7p Matching Game
Now and then
Now and then ECby Damjana 3,504 plays 22p Image Quiz
Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 210,604 plays 10p Image Quiz
Vocabulary by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 135 plays 10p Image Quiz
Adjectives by Gewa73 26 plays 11p Text Game
people appearance 2
people appearance 2 by AnaliaUhlig 41 plays 14p Image Quiz
Vestes Romanorum
Vestes Romanorum by Iosephus Onubensis 225 plays 10p Image Quiz
Simple Past (Regular Verbs)
Simple Past (Regular Verbs) by aisha.soubar 263 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Present Simple Test
Present Simple Test by IRINA CHIS DAN 51 plays 15p Text Game
places by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 68 plays 8p Image Quiz
Arabic Alphabet
Arabic Alphabet by kaizarsozay 91,901 plays 28p Image Quiz
Present Continuous
Present Continuous by IRINA CHIS DAN 44 plays 5p Matching Game
Spanish Animals
Spanish Animals by MarioRojo (Miller) 30,446 plays 7p Image Quiz
Voca by IVAN MARTIN SOLIS ARIZA 69 plays 9p Image Quiz
Gerund or Infinitive?
Gerund or Infinitive? by prometeus 117 plays 106p Multiple-Choice
Company Organigram
Company Organigram by stachelbeere 102 plays 14p Image Quiz
French ER verbs 2
French ER verbs 2 by Madame B 2,139 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Simpsoniana familia - XII
Simpsoniana familia - XII by agamador 3,374 plays 18p Image Quiz
Corpus humanum (1) - XI
Corpus humanum (1) - XI by agamador 2,441 plays 31p Image Quiz
A French House
A French House ECby Peto 8,477 plays 15p Image Quiz
Water Pollution
Water Pollution by shelleyning 253 plays 6p Image Quiz
Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo)
Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) by aioine 6,100 plays 41p Image Quiz
Spanish Classroom Objects
Spanish Classroom Objects by maestraSHMS 20,309 plays 21p Image Quiz
Miles Romanus
Miles Romanus by Iosephus Onubensis 222 plays 6p Image Quiz
French Numbers (1-20)
French Numbers (1-20) by UP-AT123 34,489 plays 20p Image Quiz
Relative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns by paulaenglish 3,357 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
French Numbers
French Numbers by famisamis 79,139 plays 30p Image Quiz
Days of the week in French
Days of the week in French by CRAZY DAVE 7,162 plays 7p Matching Game
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 13,984 plays 25p Image Quiz

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