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  1. Mythological Creatures
  2. Ancient Mayan deities

    Ancient Mayan deities

    by asae
    p675 plays
  3. Love throughout history - Gods of Love
  4. What if Trojans and Greeks Didn't Know Horses?
  5. Totem Poles

    Totem Poles

    p290 plays
  6. Conflicts during the Cold War (1945 -1985)
  7. Bauhaus 1919 - 1933

    Bauhaus 1919 - 1933

    p2,258 plays
  8. Famous Windows
  9. 10 Bizarre Weapons of World War II
  10. Famous Historical Sites
  11. Timeline of Ancient Egypt (CIV)
  12. Full Moon Names (Algonquian peoples)
  13. Love throughout history - Homosexuality
  14. June 27 in History

    June 27 in History

    by tickman
    p364 plays
  15. Mindblowing Architects I
  16. Norwegian Art

    Norwegian Art

    by Alcyone
    p582 plays
  17. 15 Famous Native Americans in History
  18. The wit and wisdom of Benjamin Franklin from
  19. January 29 in History
  20. Egyptian mummies
  21. Counties of Hungary until 1919
  22. Warsaw Pact (Eastern Bloc) 1955-1991
  23. Aztec Art

    Aztec Art

    p436 plays

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