Games: History

Prehistory Multiple Choice Quiz
Prehistory Multiple Choice Quiz by sschlesner 1,488 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
The Countries of Europe 1914
The Countries of Europe 1914 ECby Niklas 559,740 plays 21p Image Quiz
Jamestown & Plymouth
Jamestown & Plymouth by Blanca_SS 955 plays 15p Matching Game
Prehistory Vocabulary
Prehistory Vocabulary by sschlesner 1,236 plays 15p Text Game
13 Colonies
13 Colonies by Blanca_SS 1,016 plays 21p Text Game
Texas Rivers and Cities Practice
Texas Rivers and Cities Practice by choly 7,334 plays 25p Image Quiz
Counties 1-11
Counties 1-11 by WVWills 2,244 plays 11p Image Quiz
Texas Rivers Quiz
Texas Rivers Quiz by nkello 36,892 plays 12p Image Quiz
Government Smack & Say
Government Smack & Say by Blanca_SS 355 plays 20p Image Quiz
Amendments by bjc250 26,504 plays 9p Matching Game
Southeastern States
Southeastern States by CrazyMonkey 548,204 plays 12p Image Quiz
Revolutionary War Battles
Revolutionary War Battles by Americasarmy1783 586 plays 15p Image Quiz
Celebrate Freedom Week
Celebrate Freedom Week by Blanca_SS 611 plays 12p Matching Game
Ancient Greece Map Practice
Ancient Greece Map Practice by swilliams31 1,260 plays 11p Image Quiz
Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Matching
Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Matching by ahenson 1,182 plays 14p Matching Game
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ECby Dal 271,073 plays 14p Image Quiz
13 Colonies Map
13 Colonies Map by swilliams31 1,087 plays 20p Image Quiz
Primary and Secondary sources
Primary and Secondary sources by cakeskatie 13,754 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence by Blanca_SS 980 plays 8p Matching Game
Gothic art in Spain
Gothic art in Spain by Mr. Espeso 614 plays 12p Image Quiz
The Pyramids
The Pyramids ECby Constantia 153,308 plays 14p Image Quiz
Primary Sources
Primary Sources by mrmetcalf 575 plays 7p Text Game
The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire ECby tickman 179,237 plays 34p Image Quiz
The Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire by Mr. Espeso 10,608 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Bill of Rights -- US Constitution
Bill of Rights -- US Constitution by Nowax 10,318 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
13 Colonies Review
13 Colonies Review by Blanca_SS 174 plays 17p Text Game
AP World History Regions
AP World History Regions by rieke 1,273 plays 16p Image Quiz
Palestine in Christ's Time
Palestine in Christ's Time by Redacted 133 plays 34p Image Quiz
Colonial Regions
Colonial Regions by Blanca_SS 467 plays 3p Matching Game
Spain; Late middle ages
Spain; Late middle ages by Mr. Espeso 681 plays 40p Type-the-Answer
Revolutionary War Map
Revolutionary War Map by Mr. T 4,755 plays 30p Image Quiz
Empires of the World 1500 AD
Empires of the World 1500 AD by amyrookstool 2,553 plays 11p Image Quiz
The 27 Amendments
The 27 Amendments by puckygreen 39,376 plays 27p Multiple-Choice
Prehistory Vocab Matching game
Prehistory Vocab Matching game by R. Chill 85 plays 11p Matching Game
7 Principles of the Constitution
7 Principles of the Constitution by Mrs. Turner 7,525 plays 6p Matching Game

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Colors in Russian
Colors in Russian11p Image Quiz
The Last  Romanovs
The Last Romanovs7p Image Quiz
Sami Languages
Sami Languages11p Image Quiz
Squidward5p Shape Quiz
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