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  1. Prefectures of Greece (1994-2010)
  2. Cities in the Balkans and Anatolia (basic)
  3. Cyprus - complete game

    Cyprus - complete game

    by apokar
    Played 284 times
  4. Cyprus - largest towns

    Cyprus - largest towns

    by apokar
    Played 503 times
  5. Cyprus - territorial control (Greek point of view)
  6. Cyprus - territorial control (Turkish point of view)
  7. Cyprus - territorial control

    Cyprus - territorial control

    by apokar
    Played 406 times
  8. Administrative units of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Rocky Silhouettes

    Rocky Silhouettes

    Played 927 times
  10. National Animals

    National Animals

    Played 681 times
  11. France, Regions and their Capitals
  12. Europe crushes Iceland?

    Europe crushes Iceland?

    Played 567 times
  13. The Balkans: cities

    The Balkans: cities

    by apokar
    Played 712 times
  14. The True Size of Africa

    The True Size of Africa

    by tickman
    Played 786 times
  15. The British Isles: Terminology

    The British Isles: Terminology

    by tickman
    Played 1,345 times
  16. A Gigantic New Year - Monuments
  17. The Bosphorus Strait (Istanbul, Turkey)
  18. Cape of Good Hope (South Africa)
  19. Bosnia and Herzegovina's 33 largest cities
  20. Bosnia and Herzegovina's 22 largest cities
  21. Bosnia and Herzegovina's 11 largest cities
  22. Towns of Kosovo in Albanian

    Towns of Kosovo in Albanian

    by apokar
    Played 245 times
  23. Towns of Kosovo in Serbian

    Towns of Kosovo in Serbian

    by apokar
    Played 264 times
  24. Towns in Kosovo

    Towns in Kosovo

    by apokar
    Played 249 times

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