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JPOD101 ~ 25 N3 Kanji ~ #1

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与 bestow, participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause, gift, godsend
両 both, old Japanese coin, counter for carriages (e.g., in a train), two
予 beforehand, previous, myself, I
争 contend, dispute, argue
互 mutually, reciprocally, together
亡 deceased, the late, dying, perish
交 mingle, mixing, association, coming & going
他 other, another, the others
付 adhere, attach, refer to, append
件 affair, case, matter, item
任 responsibility, duty, term, entrust to, appoint
伝 transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition
似 becoming, resemble, counterfeit, imitate, suitable
位 rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some
余 too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder
例 example, custom, usage, precedent
供 submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany
係 person in charge, connection, duty, concern oneself
信 faith, truth, fidelity, trust
倒 overthrow, fall, collapse, drop, break down
候 climate, season, weather, wait for, expect
値 price, cost, value
偉 admirable, greatness, remarkable, conceited, famous, excellent
側 side, lean, oppose, regret
偶 accidentally, even number, couple, man & wife, same kind

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