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NFL Team Logosby fabianruiz1,338
English Football: Coventry Cityby Rumpleteazer9
English Football: Cardiff Cityby Rumpleteazer7
The Ultimate Formula 1 2008 Gameby Niklas1
Tour de France Jerseysby MrT1
Top cyclists in my viewby paulfunI1
Chessboard Starting Positionby sergeidave1
Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09by Niklas1
Basketball: NBA AllStars 2008by antonio-epc6
Female Alpine Skiersby Niklas1
Athletic World Records (women)by MrT1
2015 NBA Team Logosby Cameron82
2010 FIFA World Cupby kristk3
Cricket fielding positionsby vinbrendel43
Pro Sports Teams of Minnesotaby ktreenbean136
FIFA World Cup 1930-2014by kristk1
Giro d'Italia 2010by paulfunI1
Pro Sports Teams of Wisconsinby ktreenbean131
UEFA Euro 2008 Teamsby kristk1
Sportstars and weird hairdosby Tinus1
Ice Hockey Positionsby Drew061
Sports 2by barbersensei1
Top Chess Playersby oliverftn1
lable the heartby taylor081
Cycling: 15 famous 'cols' on the Tour de Franceby antonio-epc1
Racing Drivers in the USAby Niklas1
MLB Logos 2014by Cameron81
UEFA Champions League 2009/2010by kristk1
Icehockey Referee Signalsby Niklas4
College Sports Teams of Kansasby ktreenbean131
The best players in european teamsby Patrik Tokić10
Best Football Players at World Cup 2014 in Brazilby Geographonic1
Basketball: NBA All Stars 2010by antonio-epc1
Sports Teams of Utahby ktreenbean133
UEFA Euro 2008by kristk2
English Football: Bradford Cityby Rumpleteazer8
Rugby - National Team Emblemsby El Sharif2
Formula 1 Tracks 2008, Advancedby Niklas1
Snooker Table Set-upby Snavelaar1
Tour de France 2015by ollipo1,257