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Top Films: Monsters, Inc.by Rumpleteazer5
Cinema History: 1986by Rumpleteazer1
Animated Movies - The Many Adventures of WTPby Milly17
Animated Movies - Mulanby Milly9
Top Films: Once Upon a Time in Americaby Rumpleteazer2
Cinema History: 1972by Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: The Lion Kingby Rumpleteazer7
Top Films: Toy Storyby Rumpleteazer4
Top 25 Cartoon Charactersby Rumpleteazer8
Anne Bancroft Movies 207by CRAZY DAVE2
Madonna Movies 232by CRAZY DAVE1
John Malkovich Movies 87by CRAZY DAVE1
Cate Blanchett Movies 186by CRAZY DAVE1
Disney Movies from 1946 - 1949by ktreenbean131
Animated Movies - Cinderellaby Milly1
Steven Seagal Movies 95by CRAZY DAVE2
James Bond Villains - Charactersby Niklas1
Mel Brooks Movies 215by CRAZY DAVE1
Kurt Russell Movies 30by CRAZY DAVE1
Jeff Goldblum Movies 110by CRAZY DAVE1
Gangster Moviesby Rumpleteazer1
Disney Movies from 1962by ktreenbean131
Oliver Reed Movies 71by CRAZY DAVE1
Vincent Price Movies 296by CRAZY DAVE1
Robert Redford Movies 103by CRAZY DAVE1
Alfred Hitchcock Filmography (15 selected films)by antonio-epc1
Simon Pegg Movies 197by CRAZY DAVE1
Orlando Bloom Movies 224by CRAZY DAVE3
Elizabeth Taylor Movies 49by CRAZY DAVE1
Ginger Rogers Movies 168by CRAZY DAVE1
Lord of the Rings (lego)by Olaf131
Sean Bean Movies 81by CRAZY DAVE1
Movie Quotes IIby Rip12
Donald Sutherland Movies 116by CRAZY DAVE2
Marlon Brando Filmography (12 movies)by antonio-epc14
Where's my Pillow - Monsters on the Movie screenby Constantia4
Movie Villainsby Rumpleteazer1
Hilary Swank Movies 257by CRAZY DAVE1
Halle Berry Movies 285by CRAZY DAVE1
Top Films: The Godfather (Part II)by Rumpleteazer1