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Lego at the movies - Part Iby Constantia808
Famous Movie Duos Matchingby Avex35
American Actors: Frank Sinatraby Rumpleteazer5
Cartoons-crtani filmoviby Patrik Tokić1,023
Animated Movies - Kung Fu Pandaby Milly5
Dumbledore's Armyby PLV12
American Actors: Jamie Foxxby Rumpleteazer2
Leonardo DiCaprio Movies 100by CRAZY DAVE2
David Niven Movies 129by CRAZY DAVE4
Disney Movies from 1967by ktreenbean131
2014 Academy Award - Best Foreign Language Filmby Medellin1
James Bond Villains - Actors and Actressessby Niklas1
Stop Motion Film/Moviesby Constantia1
Top Films: Toy Story 3by Rumpleteazer1
Liza Minnelli Movies 15by CRAZY DAVE3
Mia Farrow Movies 160by CRAZY DAVE1
Hayley Mills Movies 107by CRAZY DAVE1
Movies with Numbersby CRAZY DAVE7
Kate Winslet Movies 193by CRAZY DAVE1
Christopher Lee Movies 76by CRAZY DAVE2
Anthony Quinn Movies 113by CRAZY DAVE4
Disney Movies from 1950 - 1953by ktreenbean133
Animated Movies - Snow White and the 7 Dwarfsby Milly1
“The Lord of the Rings” Charactersby keyzer570
Daniel Day-Lewis Filmography (12 movies)by antonio-epc1
Top Films: The Godfatherby Rumpleteazer1
American Actors: Kirk Douglasby Rumpleteazer13
Telly Savalas Movies 138by CRAZY DAVE2
Albert Finney Movies 169by CRAZY DAVE9
Ava Gardner Movies 148by CRAZY DAVE1
Lee Van Cleef Movies 282by CRAZY DAVE1
Gene Hackman Movies 88by CRAZY DAVE3
Janet Leigh Movies 121by CRAZY DAVE2
Disney Movies from 1962by ktreenbean131
American Actors: Humphrey Bogartby Rumpleteazer1
Ridley Scott Filmography (15 selected films)by antonio-epc1
Fictional cities on the moviescreenby Constantia7
Top Films: Star Wars (V) The Empire Strikes Back by Rumpleteazer1
Harrison Ford, Movies 5by CRAZY DAVE4
Forest Whitaker Movies 151by CRAZY DAVE1