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Top Films: Les Diaboliquesby Rumpleteazer11
Star Wars Characters.by Dal18
Cinema History: 1933by Rumpleteazer11
Disney Movies from 1940-1945by ktreenbean132
Top Films: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusadeby Rumpleteazer1
Disney Movies from 1946 - 1949by ktreenbean131
Disney Movies from 1963by ktreenbean131
Animated Movies - Peter Panby Milly3
Animated Movies - Cinderellaby Milly2
Animated Movies - The Many Adventures of WTPby Milly1
Acteurs français 2by ollipo1
Alice in wonderland in frenchby ollipo1
Pixar Movies Matching (Updated)by Avex1
Frank Sinatra Movies 2by CRAZY DAVE1
Demi Moore Movies 36by CRAZY DAVE1
Tom Hanks Movies 57by CRAZY DAVE1
Cameron Diaz Movies 92by CRAZY DAVE1
Audrey Hepburn Movies 143by CRAZY DAVE1
Betty Grable Movies 175by CRAZY DAVE1
Greta Garbo Movies 190by CRAZY DAVE1
Maureen O'Hara Movies 267by CRAZY DAVE1
Star Wars Episodesby Geographonic4
Top Films: Schindler's Listby Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: Django Unchainedby Rumpleteazer1
MOVIES-FILMOVIby Patrik Tokić16
Tom Cruise Movies 10by CRAZY DAVE1
Meryl Streep Movies 20by CRAZY DAVE4
Mel Gibson Movies 28by CRAZY DAVE1
Debbie Reynolds Movies 41by CRAZY DAVE2
James Cagney Movies 55by CRAZY DAVE4
Adam Sandler Movies 65by CRAZY DAVE1
Richard Gere Movies 73by CRAZY DAVE4
Clark Gable Movies 84by CRAZY DAVE8
Dennis Quaid Movies 97by CRAZY DAVE6
Andy Garcia Movies 105by CRAZY DAVE9
Al Pacino Movies 118by CRAZY DAVE9
Patsy Kensit Movies 126by CRAZY DAVE1
Christian Bale Movies 134by CRAZY DAVE7
James Mason Movies 144by CRAZY DAVE10
Whoopi Goldberg Movies 156by CRAZY DAVE3