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Civil War States Mapby bmurphy11
Boroughs (bydeler) of Oslo, Norwayby Niklas14
25 Cities of Chinaby Niklas1
Swedish Provincesby Doffa1
25 Places in Californiaby Niklas1
35 Most Populous Countries of the Worldby Doffa1
European Capitals by Countryby protejohnny1
Prefectures of Japanby ladama1
Countries/Provinces of the Caribbean Islandsby Niklas1
California Countiesby Jackatrio1
Cities of Central Americaby Doffa1
The Largest Islands of the Worldby Doffa1
States and Territories of Australiaby Doffa1
Counties (Fylken) of Norwayby Niklas1
Provincial and Territorial Capitals of Canadaby Livewire1
mexicoby santillo1
English Countiesby UKSubversive1
Countries of North Americaby martinelmejor1
Cities of Afghanistan and Pakistanby Doffa1
World Sights to Climb Before You Dieby RonaldDerGrosse1
New York City: Landmarks and Neighborhoodsby Dal1
Greek Islandsby Doffa1
The Western Statesby horselover1
Cities in Europe Beginning with Cby Niklas1
Cities in Europe Beginning with E or Fby Niklas1
Cities in Europe Beginning with I or Jby Niklas1
Central America and Caribbean Countriesby bmurphy1
Cities in Europe Beginning with V or Wby Niklas1
North America by Flag, Capital and Countryby Dal1
County Seats of Utahby Carsen1
Provinces of South Africaby Niklas1
Cities in Asia Beginning with Sby Niklas1
Arizona Countiesby dsrtdeb1
World War II Airplane Spotter (US)by Snavelaar1
Asia torn apartby Snavelaar1
WG 4- Middle East SOL Physical Mapby rparry1
Burma (Myanmar) in Three Mapsby tickman1
USA - Fifteen big citiesby paulfunI1
Vermont & New Hampshire Countiesby slaaty1
Connecticut & Rhode Island Countiesby slaaty1