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US Presidents Matchingby Rumpleteazer333
Presidents of the USAby Thomsiboms4,255
Historical Figures: John F. Kennedyby Rumpleteazer4
Famous people, cats and dogsby paulfunI15
Unborn Starsby fabianruiz47
Famous Danesby Niklas1
Famous eyeglassesby YeYa3
Famous Johns, new version without pitfallsby paulfunI1
Andy Warhol Portraitsby MrT4
Albums Bob Dylanby Geographonic1
Famous Mexicansby timpat2
World Monarchsby emili1
Renée Zellweger's Academy Award nominated rolesby Medellin1
Female stars from the pastby paulfunI16
Nosesby keeplearning2
World leadersby Susan1231
Forbes Fictional Fifteen, the Richest Fictional Charactersby Niklas2
Aged Screen Starsby Pannonicus1
Gena Rowlands' Academy Award nominated rolesby Medellin1
Norwegian cliches - in Englishby Grainbeer1
'Santa Claus' actors 4/5by joc39422
Famous people from History of Delftby Geographonic1
I've Heard the Name, but . . .by Brainiest5
10 Famous Nursesby upat1232
Muhammad Ali Stampsby CRAZY DAVE6
You Can't Fool Meby RonaldDerGrosse1
Shared Birthdays 1 Februaryby Rumpleteazer1
The Last Supperby kristk2
Famous Names: Christopherby Rumpleteazer5
Famous Harry Guysby Brainiest49
10 Influential Scientistsby upat1231
US Presidents - Place the Date with the Nameby MisterSamsonite31
Famous American Actorsby mfjames1
Historical Figures: Charles de Gaulleby Rumpleteazer1
Shared Birthdays 9 Februaryby Rumpleteazer1
Japanese Cuisineby bigphil8
Traditionelle Gerichte zu Weinachtenby Diana19931
Beat Barney!by K o e n5
10 Traitors in US Historyby upat1234
Famous Names: Johnby Rumpleteazer9