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Historical Figures: Charles Darwinby Rumpleteazer19
PurposeGamers at Homeby tickman15
Presidents of the USAby Thomsiboms3,794
Historical Figures: Galileo Galileiby Rumpleteazer21
Shared Birthdays 2 Februaryby Rumpleteazer29
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Historical Figures: Alan Turingby Rumpleteazer4
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Lego - Famous peopleby paulfunI966
Historical Figures: Ernest Shackletonby Rumpleteazer3
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Shared Birthdays 29 Januaryby Rumpleteazer29
Albums David Bowieby Geographonic14
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Historical Figures: Nelson Mandelaby Rumpleteazer3
US Presidents Matchingby Rumpleteazer178
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Historical Figures: Franklin Delano Rooseveltby Rumpleteazer21
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Historical Figures: Pablo Picassoby Rumpleteazer3
Don't Quit Your Day Jobby Brainiest50
British Winners of Nobel Prize in Literatureby GurSim14
Shared Birthdays 1 Februaryby Rumpleteazer22
Shared Birthdays 9 Februaryby Rumpleteazer20
Historical Figures: Ronald Reaganby Rumpleteazer13
Famous Scientologistsby Grainbeer1
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Shared Birthdays 26 Januaryby Rumpleteazer10
World Leaders in 2014 by Geographonic3
Historical Figures: Karl Marxby Rumpleteazer1