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Best Film Directors 2by Rumpleteazer13
Martin Scorsese Filmography (15 selected films)by antonio-epc7
Lord of the Rings (lego)by Olaf1339
Top Films: Finding Nemoby Rumpleteazer21
Top Films: Casinoby Rumpleteazer4
American Actresses: Sandra Bullockby Rumpleteazer16
American Actors: Rock Hudsonby Rumpleteazer11
Top Films: Monsters, Inc.by Rumpleteazer6
Top Films: Mystic Riverby Rumpleteazer10
British Actors: Gerard Butlerby Rumpleteazer9
Top 25 Cartoon Charactersby Rumpleteazer54
Top Films: Raging Bullby Rumpleteazer4
Top Films: Shutter Islandby Rumpleteazer6
American Actors: Charles Bronsonby Rumpleteazer19
Top Films: LOTR: The Return of the Kingby Rumpleteazer12
American Actresses: Katharine Hepburnby Rumpleteazer14
Cinema History: 1942by Rumpleteazer5
Simpsonized Charactersby J onas26
Movies with Numbersby CRAZY DAVE35
American Actresses: Julia Robertsby Rumpleteazer13
Top Films: Taxi Driverby Rumpleteazer4
Cinema History: 2003by Rumpleteazer11
Animated Movies - The Jungle Bookby Milly13
Australian Actresses: Nicole Kidmanby Rumpleteazer10
Top Films: POTC: The Curse Of The Black Pearlby Rumpleteazer11
James Cagney Movies 55by CRAZY DAVE5
Clark Gable Movies 84by CRAZY DAVE8
Do You Remember My Movie? Sevenby RonaldDerGrosse1
Time Travel Moviesby Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: The Godfather (Part II)by Rumpleteazer1
Jim Belushi Movies 287by CRAZY DAVE6
“The Lord of the Rings” Charactersby keyzer3,583
Jane Fonda Movies 189by CRAZY DAVE1
Joan Fontaine Movies 182by CRAZY DAVE5
Roddy McDowall Movies 216by CRAZY DAVE6
Acteurs français 2by ollipo1
Peter Pan in frenchby ollipo1
Adam Sandler Movies 65by CRAZY DAVE5
Dennis Quaid Movies 97by CRAZY DAVE5
Movies A-Zby Rumpleteazer5