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Colours in Germanby Niklas6,047
Los Colores (Spanish Colors)by cricket77420
Spanish Numbersby bode15766
Afroasiatic Languages: Subdivisionsby J onas26
Find 10 Wordsby Ronald333,633
Origins of Englishby UP-AT12338
Idioms 19 (FISH)by acLiLtocLiMB82
The Aleph, Bet - The Hebrew Alphabetby nsilverstein352
Regionale dijkverbeteringby Geographonic4
Spanish Seasons Quizby mrsright032571
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutschby kcoutlaw231
Spanish Subject Pronounsby amber.jensen6,988
Spanish to Englishby BaconMaster17
Numbers in Spanish, French & German.by CRAZY DAVE48
Obst auf Deutschby Germanjoe72
Spanish affir. and negative wordsby Peto96
German rooms in a houseby Germanjoe146
Numbers 0-10 in Germanby CRAZY DAVE180
Daily Routine Items in Germanby mskaleelsclass12
Arabic. In the kitchen 2by angelsbc694
Giving Directions in Germanby Germanjoe198
A la deriva ( Spanish )by Peto2
La comidaby cmcpeak13
Can you thank me enough?by Wizardpenguin11
Polish vocabulary - Baby 1by MowPoPolsku2
Idioms 5 (Animals Elephant - Flea)by acLiLtocLiMB2
French Weather & Seasonsby Peto18
Languages of Europe v.2by famisamis1
Animal Adjectivesby Thomsiboms3
Swedish - Nouns, part threeby paulfunI1
Spanish -cer & -cir verbsby Peto1
Colours in Icelandicby Niklas1
Polish vocabulary - Parts of a plantby MowPoPolsku1
A French Houseby Peto78
Spanish Clothes Quiz 2by mrsright032541
Up & down & right & leftby Peto1
Camping? (Spanish vocabulary)by Peto1
Hieroglyphic Soupby famisamis1
Four Seasons- in Swedishby paulfunI28
Disney Characters in Southern Europeby Niklas1