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The States of the USAby David85,255
Spanish Speaking Countriesby study12384,336
The Countries of Europe Quizby David53,396
13 Colonies Quizby C Lew48,852
The Countries of Africaby David35,358
Continents and Oceansby ksbcteacher31,192
Midwestern Statesby Rosiepadosie11,475
Southwest Asia: Politicalby bowermanb3,417
Spanish Speaking Country Capitalsby HazzaBoo12,053
Satellite Series : Islandsby Geographonic219
Utah Countiesby Carsen3,847
Canadian Provinces Quizby Doffa30,483
Longitude and Latitudeby lworkman19,257
Northeastern Statesby vixen16,192
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas2,958
The Countries of Asiaby David21,020
Central America and Caribbean Countriesby bmurphy3,752
Monuments from Aboveby Constantia20
Southeast State Capitalsby jeremyfreedman8,259
Cities by Landmarksby David407
The Countries of South Americaby David6,575
States of Germany (Bundesländer)by Niklas1,986
Continentsby Doffa13,476
Continents and Oceansby GeoTeach7,044
Countries of the Worldby Doffa34,325
Western European Countriesby chuckbunting1,628
United States A-B-C's Hard Gameby RonaldDerGrosse601
Neighbors Of Nicaraguaby UP-AT12339
Neighbors Of Nigerby UP-AT12373
Symbols of Tennesseeby ktreenbean1313
Symbols of Texas (part 1)by ktreenbean1320
Symbols of Texas (part 2)by ktreenbean1315
Symbols of Texas (part 3)by ktreenbean1319
Quarter of Texasby ktreenbean1319
POI of Utahby ktreenbean1316
World Press Photo 2012: Utøya.by Geographonic12
Map of Flags Central Americaby Geographonic203
Nicaragua Sceneryby Geographonic32
Waterfalls of Norwayby Geographonic11
Niger Sceneryby Geographonic55