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The most favorited games on PurposeGames this year

Colours in Germanby Niklas66,123
Spanish Subject Pronounsby amber.jensen28,917
Los Coloresby famisamis11,451
Find 10 Wordsby Ronald3346,653
Spanish Numbersby bode155,523
Los Colores (Spanish Colors)by cricket772,233
Idioms 19 (FISH)by acLiLtocLiMB130
Let's Count to 20 in German!by kcoutlaw5,668
Idioms 8 (Animals - Horses Pt 2)by acLiLtocLiMB44
Obst auf Deutschby Germanjoe1,045
die deutschen Farbenby fraudooley869
die deutschen Körperteileby fraudooley1,952
A Spanish Familyby greatholland949
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutschby kcoutlaw1,761
Colours in Esperantoby Snavelaar50
Las Banderasby rdegrau234
Hebrew Lettersby RazN1,252
Giving Directions in Germanby Germanjoe2,138
Spanish - Basic Colorsby ecfegler1,382
Spanish Family Members Quizby mrsright03257,406
African Languages and Familiesby tickman23
Colors in Englishby tsairi303
German rooms in a houseby Germanjoe1,929
American Sign Language Alphabetby sergeidave534
Romani Chib Coloursby J onas73
Merry Christmas in Different Languagesby KENOR43
Korean Numbers / Countingby kydaviddoyle210
Spanish Seasons Quizby mrsright03251,161
Interrogatives ( Spanish )by Peto6,959
Afroasiatic Languages: Subdivisionsby J onas30
Spanish Verbs Level 1: Matchingby delaneyfinn56
See Tiereby fraudooley21
Spanish Body Parts Quizby mrsright03253,997
Polish vocabulary - Toolsby MowPoPolsku45
Sounds of English: short/long vowel /U/ /u:/by acLiLtocLiMB40
Collective Nounsby keeplearning22
Nicaragua: 3.000 evacuados por explosión de volcánby Peto54
Idioms 5 (Animals Elephant - Flea)by acLiLtocLiMB23
Finnish Clockby Niklas6
Word Evolution: Starby SharifProvoste26