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The most favorited games on PurposeGames this year

The Countries of Europe 1914by Niklas87,541
Southeastern Statesby CrazyMonkey111,063
Colonial Africa 1914, Coloniesby Niklas2,623
Treaty of Versaillesby rim077122,747
Gods of Ancient Egyptby Niklas1,364
Egyptian Social Pyramid BMMSby fishburn490
Seven Wonders of the Ancient Worldby Dal63,698
The Ottoman Empireby tickman39,209
Neolithicby Mr. Thick241
The Original 13 Colonies - Shape gameby paulfunI2,600
Historical Events: Battle Of Britainby Rumpleteazer72
The Countries of Europe 1812by Niklas2,028
Boston's Historic Landmarks and Places To Visitby Dal20
June 3 in Historyby tickman16
Europeans in North America before the Pilgrimsby Peto30
Historical Periods Timelineby Dal38,204
10 Famous Pieces of Art Stolen by the Nazisby upat12316
Love throughout history - Creative forceby MrT27
June 28 in Historyby tickman12
Italy in 1810by tickman29
Korean Warby bar335565
Lost Civilizationsby Shadow​36
Monuments and Mysteries of the Americasby Dal15
As good as new - Which car do you prefer?by Constantia52
Confederate States of Americaby Niklas226
Viking Voyages of the Northern Atlanticby Dal19
I see death people - famous death masksby Constantia39
Charles Vby Pannonicus791
European Colonies in Indiaby tickman17
Who Made That Game? (History)by tickman11
Major battles and events of WW2by Thomsiboms38,256
Crops natives to the New Worldby El Sharif55
Art in the medieval spanish christian kingdomsby Mr. Thick271
The Stone Age in Spainby Mr. Thick156
The Seventiesby Snavelaar28
1920s Social Changesby ndlapres17
Harley Davidson's Hogsby Snavelaar28
May I have your Autograph?by Constantia41
First Human Beingsby Mr. Thick234
August 4 in Historyby tickman3