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Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary)
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary) ECvon Wakarimasen 26,061 plays 24p Image Quiz
Colours in German
Colours in German ECvon Niklas 331,091 plays 11p Image Quiz
Telling the time in Spanish
Telling the time in Spanish von graemefx 132,831 plays 12p Image Quiz
English slang
English slang ECvon Aasa 201,323 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Morse Code
Morse Code von MisterSamsonite 13,723 plays 44p Image Quiz
A Spanish Family
A Spanish Family von greatholland 7,637 plays 16p Image Quiz
Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECvon Ronald33 231,929 plays 10p Image Quiz
Speech Organs #Aj.Waranya K.
Speech Organs #Aj.Waranya K. von YokyPanudda 23,920 plays 21p Image Quiz
Spanish Chores/House Parts
Spanish Chores/House Parts ECvon LukeM50 164 plays 18p Image Quiz
Colors in Japanese (Kanji)
Colors in Japanese (Kanji) von hp24luver 96 plays 11p Image Quiz
Subject Pronouns
Subject Pronouns von InJoy English Learn 775 plays 13p Shape Quiz
Cardinal Directions in Japanese
Cardinal Directions in Japanese von Vykoso 2,586 plays 8p Image Quiz
Seasons in Spanish
Seasons in Spanish von Sunny1 7,402 plays 5p Shape Quiz
The Vocal Tract
The Vocal Tract ECvon Malectra 53,832 plays 17p Image Quiz
Irregular Verbs in Le Futur Simple
Irregular Verbs in Le Futur Simple von M and M 777 plays 24p Multiple-Choice
TCU die Küche
TCU die Küche von fraudooley 5,020 plays 8p Image Quiz
TCU das Wohnzimmer
TCU das Wohnzimmer von fraudooley 964 plays 12p Image Quiz
French Numbers
French Numbers von famisamis 87,539 plays 30p Image Quiz
A French Family
A French Family von greatholland 2,525 plays 16p Image Quiz
Korean Consonants 01
Korean Consonants 01 von babachung 1,508 plays 13p Matching Game
spanish adjectives
spanish adjectives von ZTWhiteYoshi 7,367 plays 23p Multiple-Choice
Body parts ( French )
Body parts ( French ) von Wakarimasen 13,348 plays 33p Image Quiz
C1. Adjectives and adverbs
C1. Adjectives and adverbs von teacherismael 397 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
deutsche Modalverben
deutsche Modalverben von fraudooley 1,722 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Spanish: Know Your Preterite vs. Imperfect
Spanish: Know Your Preterite vs. Imperfect von lalalalayay 82,862 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Interrogatives ( Spanish )
Interrogatives ( Spanish ) ECvon Wakarimasen 87,386 plays 19p Image Quiz
Spanish Animals
Spanish Animals von MarioRojo (Miller) 39,495 plays 7p Image Quiz
La Famille
La Famille von madame_cordeiro 228 plays 10p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet von racaulk 17,717 plays 24p Image Quiz
Weather in Spanish
Weather in Spanish von Wakarimasen 33,937 plays 19p Image Quiz
French alphabet
French alphabet von Mathousalas 37,957 plays 26p Image Quiz
Spanish Numbers
Spanish Numbers ECvon bode15 68,794 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
TCU das Badezimmer
TCU das Badezimmer von fraudooley 1,342 plays 11p Image Quiz
Conjugating the Spanish Verb
Conjugating the Spanish Verb "Tener" von OkieDokie 13,874 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanish
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanish ECvon dejjaidali 101,140 plays 19p Image Quiz

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