Create a text quiz

Create a Text Quiz

As simple as it is addictive. No images needed. Just type a question, and an answer, and let the game engine do the rest. Easy as pie. Go create!

Create a blue dot quiz

Create an Image Quiz

This is the favorite type of quiz to start with. Just upload an image, place blue dots for questions. Easy as... you know it - Pie. Go create!

Create a Matching Game

Create a Matching Quiz

This is a really simple but addictive type of quiz. Match the items in the columns with each other. Go create!

Create a Type-the-Answer Quiz

Create a Type-the-Answer Quiz

As basic and fun as it gets. Type the answer(s) to one or many questions. Go create!

Create a multiple-choice quiz

Create a Multiple-Choice Quiz

Create your very own multiple choice quiz in 5 minutes. It really is that easy! Go create!

Create an image shape quiz

Create an Image Shape Quiz

A bit more advanced, using shapes instead of dots. Upload an image and get started. Go create!

Create a Slide Quiz

Create a Slide Quiz

A multiple choice quiz engine with images to use for each question - we call it Slide Quiz! Go create!

Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist

Playlists helps you keep your favorite games organized and is a good way to create study lists etc. Go create!

Create a group

Create a Group

Are you a teacher? A group is the perfect way to let your classes practice, get assignments and take tests! Go create!


Get Inspired

A few samples of games by our members

  1. Spongebob People

    Spongebob People

    8p5,913 plays
  2. Rivers in Germany

    Rivers in Germany

    22p1,403 plays
  3. Europe crushes Iceland?

    Europe crushes Iceland?

    23p576 plays
  4. Charles V

    Charles V

    8p1,201 plays
  5. Convoluted Boundaries of Europe

    Convoluted Boundaries of Europe

    34p1,309 plays
  6. Have a closer look - details in famous paintings
  7. French Christmas

    French Christmas

    28p896 plays
  8. My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean - Famous Ships