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  1. Spanish Speaking Country Capitals
  2. Cities of South West Asia

    Cities of South West Asia

    by Doffa
    Played 127,662 times
  3. Central America and Caribbean Countries
  4. Románia domborzati egységei

    Románia domborzati egységei

    Played 124,278 times
  5. Midwestern capitals

    Midwestern capitals

    by azarle
    Played 120,546 times
  6. Europe Physical Map Quiz

    Europe Physical Map Quiz

    Played 119,326 times
  7. Spanish speaking countries

    Spanish speaking countries

    Played 116,420 times
  8. The Middle East

    The Middle East

    by djb13
    Played 115,614 times
  9. States of Germany (Bundesländer)

    States of Germany (Bundesländer)

    by Niklas
    Played 109,517 times
  10. Canada territories and provinces
  11. New Jersey Counties

    New Jersey Counties

    Played 107,188 times
  12. Middle East Political Map

    Middle East Political Map

    Played 107,140 times
  13. 25 Cities of Germany

    25 Cities of Germany

    by David
    Played 105,797 times
  14. SW Asia (Physical Map)

    SW Asia (Physical Map)

    Played 105,700 times
  15. German State Capitals

    German State Capitals

    Played 104,311 times
  16. South American Countries

    South American Countries

    Played 95,972 times
  17. Time Zones of the USA

    Time Zones of the USA

    by J onas
    Played 93,361 times
  18. States of India

    States of India

    by Doffa
    Played 92,781 times
  19. Western European Countries

    Western European Countries

    Played 92,149 times
  20. World Geography

    World Geography

    Played 91,668 times
  21. Regions of France

    Regions of France

    by Eric
    Played 90,948 times
  22. Central Asia map quiz

    Central Asia map quiz

    by jbw123
    Played 90,184 times
  23. The Western States

    The Western States

    Played 89,616 times
  24. United States A-B-C's Hard Game
  25. Counties of Washington State

    Counties of Washington State

    by Itachi
    Played 88,219 times
  26. Swedish Provinces

    Swedish Provinces

    by Doffa
    Played 87,481 times
  27. Románia megyéi és megyeszékhelyei
  28. France, montagnes

    France, montagnes

    by ollipo
    Played 87,083 times
  29. The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactive
  30. Africa Physical Map Quiz

    Africa Physical Map Quiz

    Played 86,068 times
  31. West Africa

    West Africa

    Played 85,034 times
  32. Cities of the Southwest US

    Cities of the Southwest US

    by Doffa
    Played 83,706 times
  33. Middle East Countries

    Middle East Countries

    by Eavette
    Played 83,434 times
  34. Southwestern states

    Southwestern states

    Played 83,046 times
  35. Countries where English is an official language
  36. Southern and Eastern Asia countries by Mr. Peake
  37. Spanish speaking countries flags

    Spanish speaking countries flags

    by WMS
    Played 79,929 times
  38. Southern and Eastern Asia Physical Features
  39. Quiz - North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia
  40. Maine Counties

    Maine Counties

    by slaaty
    Played 76,190 times
  41. Oceans and Seas of the World

    Oceans and Seas of the World

    by Doffa
    Played 74,874 times
  42. US Southeast Region States and Capitals
  43. Románia fontosabb városai

    Románia fontosabb városai

    Played 74,251 times
  44. Around the world

    Around the world

    Played 73,370 times
  45. Euroopa riigid (koostas A.Murd)

    Euroopa riigid (koostas A.Murd)

    by aire68
    Played 73,327 times
  46. Prefectures of Japan

    Prefectures of Japan

    by ladama
    Played 72,991 times
  47. Wigger's Diagram

    Wigger's Diagram

    by agbaune
    Played 72,957 times
  48. 1939 Europe Map

    1939 Europe Map

    Played 71,047 times
  49. Europe Cold War Countries

    Europe Cold War Countries

    by bar335
    Played 70,693 times
  50. Around the world of flags

    Around the world of flags

    Played 70,336 times
  51. Countries of Europe Map Quiz

    Countries of Europe Map Quiz

    Played 70,198 times
  52. Northeast States

    Northeast States

    Played 69,893 times
  53. Ancient Greece Map Quiz

    Ancient Greece Map Quiz

    by wywy
    Played 68,931 times
  54. AP World History Regions Map

    AP World History Regions Map

    Played 67,923 times
  55. Eesti maakonnad

    Eesti maakonnad

    by Tiia
    Played 67,510 times
  56. Canada, Provinces, Territories and their Capitals
  57. US Southeast States

    US Southeast States

    Played 66,174 times
  58. World Regions Map Quiz

    World Regions Map Quiz

    Played 65,575 times
  59. Euroopa riikide pealinnad (koostas A.Murd)
  60. USA States West of the Mississippi

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