About PurposeGames.com

PurposeGames is a web site for learning and having fun at the same time. Not possible? Think again.

It all started while playing a famous trivia game with friends and family, realizing how little I knew about Geography. I wanted to get better at it, but could not achieve this by simply studying an Atlas.

So I created a game. The countries of Africa. Little did I know that it was to become the very first PurposeGame.

After a little while, I published the game to challenge my friends, and so it all began. Two years later, PurposeGames.com now hosts over 200,000 public games created by its over 500,000 fantastic members.

So what are you waiting for? Go create a game or participate in tournaments created by visitors like yourself.

All the best,
David Andersson, creator of PurposeGames.com