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Great Books of Literature 1by RonaldDerGrosse1
Latin American Literature (1) Authors by countryby antonio-epc4
Hispanic American Writers 3 (18 novels and stories)by antonio-epc1
French and Francophone Writers (born before 1890)by antonio-epc3
German-language writers (born before 1890)by antonio-epc1
Russian-language writersby antonio-epc1
American writers 1 (born before 1910)by antonio-epc1
American writers 2 (born after 1910)by antonio-epc3
Nordic writersby antonio-epc2
Harry Potter Charactersby henrs2
Famous Medieval Authorsby Pannonicus2
Famous Women Writers from Historyby Pannonicus1
Who wrote these books?by Peto1
Some authors I likeby paulfunI1
Great Books 1by blartyfast2
European newspapers (logos)by antonio-epc1
Writers: Where were they born? by Milly1
Some Fiction Authors & Their Most Famous Worksby djskilled 31
Authors Quizby djskilled 31
LITERATURA...by Ulisesyo1
Who Wrote it? (14)by Milly8
Detectives in Literatureby Milly1
Man behind the mask (DC)by Milly1
Polish writers - part 9by Medellin1
Great but garbled literary quotesby Grainbeer1
Creative bookends quizby Grainbeer1
Bestsellers you should buy at garage sales 2by Grainbeer1
The Best Female Characters in Literatureby tiggs1
The Most Misspelled Word In The English Langaugeby MinnieMe1231
Shakespeare vs Molièreby ollipo1
Jules Verne vs H.G. Wellsby ollipo1
Victor Hugo vs Charles Dickensby ollipo1
Charles Dickens vs Victor Hugoby ollipo2
R.L. Stevenson vs Guy de Maupassantby ollipo2
Guy de Maupassant vs R.L. Stevensonby ollipo1
Dostoyevsky vs Tolstoyby ollipo1
Emile Zola vs Mark Twainby ollipo1
Jeffrey Archer Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Stephen King Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Nora Roberts Booksby CRAZY DAVE1