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What language is this ? (hard)

What language is this ? (hard)

created by Wentu, 6 years ago in Geography

Guess in which language are written these sentences about the Sun

Tags language, Linguistics, Hard, sun, this, difficult

This game has 14 questions


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This game is featured in the current tournament at Not About Speed, consisting of less than perfectly rated games, which may deserve better.

4 years ago



All languages that are made up by nationalists, e.g. Baskian, are suspect in my opinion. They may have their language, but soon after it's "reinstalled", cries are heard about a country of their own. For instance Baskia. Who spoke Baskian a hundred years ago? Hardly no one. The same goes for Nynorsk (New Norwegian) and many more.

The idea of Esperanto though, is very different. The inventors really thought about a world wide language that would bring people together. A nice idea indeed.

5 years ago