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1 rhernand 100% 0:15.1 min. 6 Dec, '12
2 Tyraannmcguire389 100% 0:16.0 min. 21 Feb, '14
3 makropulos 100% 0:16.8 min. 21 May, '12
4 Nuclearclown 100% 0:17.2 min. 9 Feb, '11
5 Snavelaar 100% 0:18.6 min. 21 May, '09
6 teylueayate 100% 0:24.7 min. 15 Sep, '10
7 Aquambulushirsutus 100% 0:25.5 min. 19 May, '09
8 bookworm4more 100% 0:26.5 min. 5 Jan, '10

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Time in Oneida

Time in Oneida

created by butterflystevens, 5 years ago in Linguistics

This game tests your knowlege of how to say the numbers 1-12 in Oneida. Good luck! :)

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Please take note:
The Oneida has their own font system. The characters are really unique. There are glottal stops, and those are represented by a question mark symbol but without the dot. There is also a unique nasalized vowel. It's sounds like the vowel "u" as in fun. That is represented by a carrot ^. These carrots may have accent marks on them as well, and that is a symbol that is unique. There are also whispered endings in Oneida, those endings are underlined. Because of the standardization of this program, I can't use all of the correct font symbols or underlines. I did find a way around this, however, and inported my own pictures with the correct font on it.

5 years ago