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Oil refinery

Oil refinery

created by tickman, 6 years ago in Science

A simple schematic of an oil fractionation operation.

Image by Theresa knot in the Wikimedia Commons

Tags oil, petroleum, science, technology

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Great game. I can see why Niklas was going to make one as well.

6 years ago



Sorry to scoop you on this. I've lost a few games that way, too. One of them was the "Anatomy of an Insect" game which you did before I could get to it.

I think I've also lost a game or two to RDG, and maybe a couple more to others.

6 years ago



I was just preparing a game like this (with the same background), I came up with the idea when making my hydrocarbons game.
I guess great minds think alike...

6 years ago



More about the subject here:


The image is here:


The image comes with a GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2



6 years ago