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Flowers and pests (Spanish vocabulary)

Flowers and pests (Spanish vocabulary)

created by Peto, 6 years ago in Linguistics

More vocabulary words to describe the natural world in Spanish. See comments for photo credits, see my other games for more words in this series.

Tags spanish

This game has 18 questions

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All images released under Creative Commons non-commercial attribution licenses:

Image: 'Sunflower'

Image: '♡♡♡ HAPPY VALENTINE9S DAY ♡♡♡'

Image: 'Carnation'

Image: 'Pick me, pick me'

Image: 'A p r i l'

Image: 'daffodils from below'

Image: 'Flowers: Bird Of Paradise Flower Melbourne Vic'

Image: 'Catching the rain'

Image: 'Lily macro'

Image: 'Intruder Alert3'

Image: 'Gusano de luz'

Image: 'I9m getting a buzz'

Image: 'Wasp'

Image: 'Look at Those Legs3'

Image: 'Green Bottle Fly'

Image: 'Horny Beast'

Image: 'Slug on Deer fern'

Image: 'IMG_350D_16144'

6 years ago