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Muscular System Quiz

Muscular System Quiz

created by smarty_skeleton, 5 years ago in Science

Just something I made so I could study the muscles. It has 17 of them pointed out...... Good Luck =)

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This game has 17 questions


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Nice game, but the real name of the sternomastoid is the sternocleidomastoid, because it also connects to the clavicle besides the sternum and the mastoid process of the temporal bone. You can google it if you do not believe me. Good Job overall

5 years ago



I just played this game but I forgot to log in :(

It looks nice but maybe you should try to make the background a bit larger. The maximum size is 800x550 pixels. You should leave a space in the upper right corner for the clue box, something i forgot in my Human Muscles game :)
More info about making backgrounds:

5 years ago