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Regions of Chile

Regions of Chile

created by AndreaBorealis, 6 years ago in Geography

Learn the names of the 13 chilean regions! They are often named only by the number, like "Quinta región" etc., but they have real names as well, and each of them begin with:

Tags chile, Regiones, regions

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This game is featured in the current tournament at Not About Speed, consisting of less than perfectly rated games, which may deserve better.

3 years ago



Muy bonito el juego. Bien hecho. Que me sorprende que estes al tanto de los sucesos. Te felicito.

5 years ago



Denne var fin! Klarte det til slutt... Får prøve igjen om noen dager, så kan jeg se om noe har satt seg ordentlig:)

6 years ago