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1 slaaty 100% 1:06.9 min. 2 Jan, '11
2 makropulos 100% 1:29.4 min. 29 Apr, '10
3 flutechic101 94% 2:03.3 min. 11 Sep, '11
4 herte09fh 79% 1:50.5 min. 29 Apr, '10
5 clarav 61% 8:57.3 min. 17 May, '10
6 jmhdbrown 60% 5:34.3 min. 20 May, '10

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Flute Fingerings & Note Names

Flute Fingerings & Note Names

created by herte09fh, 4 years ago in Miscellaneous

Test yourself on your knowledge of Flute Fingerings and their note names!!!

Tags Fingering Chart, Flute, music, note, Treble Cleff

This game has 30 questions

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This is an excellent game. 5*
If you happen by the site again, herte09fh, you may want to take care of two typos:
Low C# / Bb should by Low C# / Db
and I believe "High" G should just be G.

3 years ago



I'm sorry that I the fingerings and notes are really small. These, as you may notice, are only the basic fingerings. There are fingering that can go a lot higher than that but I was unable to add them in.

4 years ago